Plymovent was founded in the seventies and has been a specialist in the development, manufacture and sales of extraction and filtration equipment for more than 35 years.


In 1976, JH Plymoth AB started to design products that could extract welding fumes. Further on in 1989 JH Plymoth AB acquired CelciusVent AB, a leading manufacturer and distributor of ventilation systems for the capturing of vehicle emissions. As a result of this acquisition, both company names were combined into Plymovent, the product brand as we know it today.


As from the late eighties Plymovent started various subsidiaries worldwide. Plymovent has sales offices in: Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. The rest of the world is covered by a dedicated network of more than 85 authorised distributors.


At the beginning the manufacturing facility was located in Lycksele, Sweden. Nowadays, we have 3 production locations spread over 3 continents.


Euromate was founded in 1975 in Heiloo, the Netherlands. Its initial mission was to apply the electrostatic filter principle to commercial air cleaners. In 1992 Euromate moved its manufacturing facility and offices to Alkmaar. In 1999 Euromate acquired Lucom, its distributor in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Clean Air Group, the holding company of Euromate, was founded in 2005.


One name, one brand

In 2006 Clean Air Group acquired Plymovent and integrated the companies into one company. Since 2011 Clean Air Group has been operating as Plymovent. The entities Euromate and Lucom were rebranded to Plymovent, as well as the Euromate product label. Since then, all offices have been operating as Plymovent developing, manufacturing and supplying Plymovent products, with focus on industrial applications such as the ventilation and extraction of welding fumes and solutions for vehicle exhaust.

Today Plymovent Group continues to invest, innovate and grow in the field of Industrial Products (IP) and Exhaust Extraction (EE).


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