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  • FDIC 2017
  • Firehouse Station Design Conference 2017
  • OAFC – Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs 2017
  • Technical Fair Belgrade 2017
  • The Fire Chiefs Summit
  • FRI 2017
  • Logo SPE Offshore Europe 2017
  • TIV Hardenberg 2017
  • FIERO Fire Station Design Symposium
  • Schweissen & Schneiden 2017
  • APTA 2017
  • SEPEM 2017
  • Firehouse Expo 2017
  • Logo Metavak 2017 Gorinchem
  • FabTech 2017 in Chicago
  • Préventica Strasbourg November 2017
  • Blechexpo Germany 2017
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Plymovent has sales offices in 7 countries. The rest of the world is covered by a dedicated network of more than 85 authorized distributors.

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Plymovent cares about the air you breathe

We offer products, systems and services which ensure clean air at work, anywhere in the world.

Plymovent is a global, leading supplier of products, systems and services for the extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air. We provide high-quality solutions that remove welding and cutting fumes, grinding dust and oil mist in the metalworking industry. Additionally, we offer solutions for the capturing and removal of vehicle exhaust gases. Our products contribute significantly to a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace – anywhere in the world.

We have provided solutions for various international companies