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SparkShield - protect your extraction system against sparks and other hazardsspark arrester SparkShield

The cyclone spark arrester, SparkShield¹, is a fire safety product, developed to reduce the risk of fire and to increase the filter’s lifespan. SparkShield prevents sparks, spatters and other hazards from entering the ductwork in welding fume extraction systems and reaching the combustible filter cartridge.


In addition, SparkShield is also very suitable as pre separator for highdust applications.



  • Highly effective removal of sparks and cigarette butts
  • Compact in-line design
  • Divisible body: for easy maintenance
  • Duct clamp connections: for easy installation, service and dismantling
  • Optional: inspection hatches for regular checks

How does it work

Centrifugal acceleration ensures that sparks are being removed from the continuous airflow. A dustbin collects all remaining sparks at a safe distance from the main filter and away from the main ductwork. The dustbin can easily be separated from the system and emptied, even during hours of operation.


Easy installation

It is easy to install the SparkShield in existing extraction systems, as SparkShield contains two duct clamps. The duct clamps not only make the mounting part easy, also dismantling can be done easily and in sections.



Unfortunately, lack of maintenance is one of the most common causes of fire. A spark arrester, just like any other equipment, requires maintenance. Unlike competitive products, SparkShield is designed with maintenance in mind. Inspection hatches can be placed around it. They make it possible to look inside the ductwork and check whether cleaning is necessary. The devisable body is designed for easy maintenance.


Recommended for

All welding and cutting applications represent a potential fire hazard. SparkShield is recommended to be used in applications² with a high risk of fire:

  • Robotic welding of oily stamped parts
  • Manual, robotic and automatic welding of oily products
  • Cutting tables
  • Welding schools

¹) patent pending

²) please note that this list is not exhaustive.


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