Welding fumes

We have made it our business to control welding fumes with source extraction, hoods or general ventilation and filtration systems.

OIl mist

We offer advanced extraction and filtration systems for effective removal of mist from metalworking fluids.

Vehicle exhaust

We provide vehicle exhaust extraction systems which ensure clean air in the work environment of vehicle mechanics.

Fire stations

With our source extraction systems we protect fire fighters from exposure to hazardous diesel exhaust.

Tobacco smoke

The Smoke ‘n Go product range protects non-smokers from inhaling tobacco smoke and perfectly fits any specific smoking policy.

Indoor air quality

Our high-quality air cleaners contribute to a healthy work environment by removing indoor air pollutants.


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About Plymovent

Plymovent cares about the air you breathe. We offer products, systems and services which ensure clean air at work, anywhere in the world.