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vehicle exhaust removal source capture system


The Sliding Balancer Track System (SBT) has set the standard in extracting vehicle emissions for fire and emergency response vehicles around the world.



  • Auto-disconnect when exiting the building
  • Virtually 100% source capture through a unique automatic Grabber® nozzle; available in both a pneumatic and magnetic version
  • Automatic start- stop of fan by using an exhaust sensor

The SBT system is the preferred system for a single back-in apparatus bay, and is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe, capturing virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions. The SBT system can be used in a parking bay where the vehicle tailpipe is within 12 metres of the door. 


It is a fully automatic system, including fan activation and system disconnect from the exiting vehicle. The SBT system is fully code compliant, and easy to use by a one-step connection to the vehicle as it enters the station.


If you are looking for an exhaust removal system that is easy to use and ensure effective and efficient diesel exhaust gas removal, the SBT is your right choice.


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