DraftRescue Basic

Downdraft and backdraft work bench with integrated filter

DraftRescue Basic
DraftRescue Basic
DraftRescue Basic
DraftRescue Basic
  • Self-contained unit with integrated fan and filters
  • Large filter surface and long filter lifespan
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Three-way spark arrester
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The DraftRescue Basic is a standalone downdraft and backdraft workbench driven by a powerful internal 4 hp fan. The DraftRescue™ Basic is equipped with leading filtration technology to clean the dirty air prior to being exhausted.



Maintenance can be carried out from the front of the downdraft table. This makes it easy to replace filters and to empty the dustbin. Filtration takes place through two oval filter cartridges with a total filter surface of 2 x 280 ft2 (2 x 26 m2). The filter cartridges cover a large filter surface, resulting in a long filter lifespan. This means even less maintenance and reduces all-over operational costs.


Plug & play model

The DraftRescue Basic is suited for many applications such as pre-cleaning personal protective equipment, working with portable gas powered tools, and refilling dry chemical fire extinguishers. This standalone unit has an embedded fan and filters. With the large filter surface, the filter’s efficiency is rated at MERV 14-15. 

Recommended for
  • Fire Stations
  • Emergency Service Stations

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