DraftRescue - Safely remove debris, fumes and dust in the fire station

The Plymovent downdraft and backdraft workbench, DraftRescue, provides a safer, more effective work environment. It is a self-contained workbench and extraction system all in one. The unit can be placed almost anywhere in a fire or EMS station, including laundry rooms. It is suited for many applications, such as pre cleaning of personal protective equipment (i.e. debris, off-gassing of turnout gear), working with gas powered tools, (i.e. exhaust from rescue saws, portable hydraulic units, generators, fans, etc. ) and refilling dry chemical fire extinguishers (i.e. dust).

Fume extraction

The extraction system removes contaminants, fumes and dry chemicals directly from the breathing zone of the user through the downdraft and backdraft panels.

Various models of the DraftRescue

Our downdraft and backdraft workbench is available in two versions.