Flexible swing-arm with a hose drop


The boom arm (FEB) is designed to cover a wide area with a simple hose drop system. The FEB can be attached to a central fan system or connected to a direct-mounted fan depending on the workshop situation.

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If your workshop has no fixed vehicle positions the FEB is your choice. The swing-arm will reach as far as 8 m into the service bay and pass over the top of heavy equipment with ease. This gives you optimal flexibility.


Easy to operate

The swing arm can fold, thereby minimizing the area that the FEB needs. It also allows you to position the retractable hose drop on any side of the vehicle. It’s the best exhaust extraction system for large off-road and mining vehicles.


Efficient exhaust extraction

The basic design of the FEB can cope with any vehicle application. With a number of options you can determine the complexity of your system to suit your budget, but always ensure that the hazardous exhaust gases are not posing a danger for the persons in the workshop.

  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient exhaust extraction