An easy way to store the exhaust extraction hose


The spring operated hose reel (SER) is designed to retract the hose with the assistance of a spring. We recommend this hose reel for use in general vehicle application workshops where you can easily reach the hose.

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The spring operated hose reel has proven its reliability as it has been used for many years in various vehicle workshops all over the world. The SER hose reel operates smoothly which makes it easy to use. Simply pull down the hose and it locks in the desired position. Pull again and the hose rewinds to the adjustable end stop.


Solid and maintenance free

The sturdy spring cartridge provides the power for hoses up to 10 m thereby covering a large operational area. The sealed drum means smooth operation and protects the hose from everyday wear and tear. The SER can be installed either on the wall or at the ceiling.


Efficient exhaust extraction

Whether you install a single hose reel with fan attached or a number of hose reels with a control system, the spring operated hose reel, offers an efficient exhaust solution. With a number of options you can determine the complexity of your system to suit your budget, but always ensuring that the hazardous exhaust gasses are not posing a danger for the persons in the workshop.

  • Solid and maintenance free
  • Efficient exhaust extraction