Architects and Engineers

Let our professionals assist you with design documents including scaled Auto CAD drawings.

We support architects and engineers when designing a source capture vehicle exhaust extraction system for public works garages, vocational/technical schools, colleges, and repair facilities, among others.

In addition, Plymovent provides expertise and guides to help you with your fire station and EMS facility design and installation.

Source Capture Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System Design

As you examine a facility to determine the most effective way to capture and extract dangerous exhaust fumes, you can rely on the experts at Plymovent and our distributors to share their experience gained from designing and installing thousands of systems in a wide range of buildings. We can assist you to design a source capture vehicle exhaust extraction system in any facility, existing (retrofit) or new construction.

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Why Diesel Exhaust Extraction is so Important

Diesel engines produce a mixture of toxic gases and particulates from the combustion process. Exposure to these hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions inside of a facility can cause significant health risk to patrons and personnel. These health risks include exposures to poisonous gasses and carcinogens. 

It is essential to create a healthy and safe working environment by reducing these risks. Protective measures are an important aspect of this effort. High-quality, source capture exhaust removal systems are recommended for existing and new facilities, to ensure that the facility meets the regulations and guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies, including the International Mechanical Code 502.14 (motor vehicle operations).

The Clean Air Experts

SInce 1975, Plymovent has been a global leader in developing systems and expertise to ensure facilities select the right equipment for source capture ventilation, creating a cleaner, safer and healthier work environment.

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Help on Your Professional Design

Let our professionals assist you with design documents including CSI Specifications, scaled Auto CAD drawings, and coming soon… a Plymovent family of REVIT blocks. If you are already in design and have your own drawings we would be happy to review them and give you any recommendations we may have.


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