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Segment Energy sources
Country The Netherlands

The challenge

Dahlman is situated in the Rotterdam area of the Netherlands. The production area is 20,000 m2, the office area is 6,000 m2 and the spare parts warehouse area is 10,000 m2. Dahlman’s inhouse stock includes 100 brands and over 1,400 filter types.

Welding activities are taking place daily, both manual and robotic. In the Netherlands every company in the metalworking industry needs to meet the legal treshold value of 1 mg/m3 (8 hr TWA) on welding fume to ensure a clean, safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

Plymovent investigated the welding processes and other activities at Dahlman and opted for an engineered solutions. Where source extraction could be installed, extraction arms were installed as source extraction remains the most effective way to remove welding fumes.

System solutions remove welding fumes effectively

Please download the PDF (on the left) to read the complete solution offered and installed by Plymovent at Dahlman Filter Technology.