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Avanzamos: sala de pruebas de CEM propia para desarrollo de electrónica

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Plymovent has a strong focus on innovative product development, by developing solutions for clean air at work that are ahead of the curve, or add more bang for the buck.

To achieve this, we are continuously working on the growth of our in house product development capabilities, both on mechanical and electronic levels. For the latter, Plymovent has invested in an in-house EMC test room, that enables our electronics engineers to perform a full set of tests on circuit board prototypes and test models.

EMC is an umbrella term for a set of regulations and standards which describe tests and procedures on how to measure and determine the amount of radiation a product may emit, and the amount that it should be able to withstand. Compliance with EMC regulations is not a nice to have, but a mandatory part of the CE marking requirements.

Lead Electronics Engineer Marcel de Blok: “By having this in house EMC test facility, Plymovent reduces product development cycle times, increases the speed of the learning process and therefore significantly shortens its time to market for innovative product development. This strengthens our position in creating better and more meaningful products for our customers”.

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