Installation de Plymovent chez Neuero

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The challenge

NEUERO had old extraction systems in use. A filtration of the hall air did not take place at this time, since the welding smoke was emitted by fans to the outside over the roof. None of the fans were operational at the time of the inspection. In discussion with the management, three alternatives for the 17 extraction points were argued, 60% of them are operating simultaneously.

  1. Single place extraction via the roof
  2. Recirculation mode, decentralized with summer/winter switching
  3. Central system with summer/winter switching


The company

NEUERO was founded in 1914 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. In the years after world war II, the production range was expanded to include mobile pneumatic conveyor systems, which were used worldwide in the unloading of seagoing and inland waterway vessels. The production of turbo radial fans was also started especially for the pneumatic conveying of bulk material. In 1988 the NEUERO-Group was broken down three independent companies. Since then NEUERO Industrietechnik is a specialist for pneumatic ship unloading and mechanical ship loading worldwide.

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