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DraftMax - Downdraft and backdraft work bench extracts fumes and dust effectively

Plymovent's downdraft table, DraftMax, is a combination of a welding table, an extraction and filtration system.The downdraft and backdraft work bench, DraftMax, is a combination of a welding table, an extraction and filtration system. The compact downdraft table can be placed everywhere, e.g. inside a welding booth or connected to ductwork. The DraftMax is suited for many applications, like welding, grinding and plasma cutting.


Fume extraction

The extraction system removes fumes and dust directly from the breathing zone of the welder through the working surface and optional backdraft panel. The backdraft kit is recommended if you work with a heat source, like welding. Fast-rising welding fumes can only be captured effectively by a downdraft and backdraft combination.



The integrated spark arrester prevents sparks from reaching the filter cartridges. The spark arrester is placed underneath the working surface of the downdraft table to ensure a safe workplace.



Maintenance can be carried out from the front of the downdraft table. This makes it easy to replace filters and to empty the dustbin. Filtration takes place through two oval filter cartridges with a total filter surface of 52 m2. The filter cartridges cover a large filter surface, resulting in a long filter lifespan. This means even less maintenance and reduces all-over operational costs.



Various models of the DraftMax

Our downdraft and backdraft work bench is available in four versions.


Plug & play models

  • DraftMax Basic is a work bench recommended for light to moderate welding and grinding activities. With the large filter surface, the filter’s efficiency is high and operational costs are low.
  • DraftMax Advance is a work bench fitted with a self-cleaning filter system. The effective cleaning system ensures constant and high filter efficiency. Cleaning of the filter cartridges takes place sequentially and ought to be operated manually. This unit is recommended for intensive usage.
  • DraftMax Ultra is similar to the DraftMax Advance. In addition, cleaning starts automatically as soon as the fan is switched off. It also offers the possibility of an automatic start/stop device making the unit even easier to operate.


System solution

  • DraftMax Eco is a downdraft work bench with an integrated spark arrester, but contains no filter cartridges. DraftMax Eco is suited for ductwork. It has to be connected to an external fan and filtration system, such as the MDB filtration unit.



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