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Welding fume and smoke extraction systems

Our wide range of welding fume extraction systems is ready for your specific welding fume extraction needs. Will you choose source extraction or extraction hoods? General ventilation systems or general filtration systems? All welding fume extraction systems from Plymovent ensure a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace for you and your colleagues.

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Mobile filters


The MobileGo is a compact and powerful mobile welding fume extractor. It is used for the welding of steel and stainless steel. W3 compliant ✔

  • Easy to manoeuvre because of the compact design
  • Two stage filter for longer filter life
  • W3 compliant ✔
Stationary filters


The MDB is a modular dust collector, making it possible to tailor the filter system to the requirements of your industrial application. Made for heavy applications usage.

  • Efficient filtration of dust and fumes
  • Modular design for any size solution
  • Expandable as your business grows
Diluter system


The SCS-Diluter is a stand-alone general filtration system, developed to reduce and control the background concentration of welding fumes in a workshop.

  • Low installation cost
  • Flexible
  • Efficient filtration
Extraction hoods


FlexHood is a modular extraction hood especially suitable for robotic welding applications.

  • Suitable for industrial processes, such as (manual or robotic) welding, grinding and cutting.
  • Functional design, freestanding unit.
  • Effective extraction, thanks to rim extraction.
Downdraft table

DraftMax for heavy-duty applications

The DraftMax for heavy-duty applications is a downdraft table fitted with a disposable- or self-cleaning filter. This unit is recommended for daily, intensive usage for professionals

  • Integrated filter
  • Self-cleaning- or disposable filter depending on your choice
  • Maintenance-friendly
Mobile filters


The MobilePro is a mobile welding fume extractor with a self-cleaning filter used to remove welding fumes on-site in confined spaces and spaces that are difficult to reach.

  • Self-cleaning filter cartridge
  • Can be combined with a metal or hose tube arm
  • Versatile handlebar/toolholder
Extraction arms


The MiniMan is a metal tube extraction arm and is recommended for spot welding, laboratory applications and mist collection.

  • Reach above mounting height offers maximum reach
  • Clear-thru design ensures uninterrupted airflow.
  • 3 to 7 ft (1 - 2.1 m) in length
Extraction arms


The UltraFlex is a flexible extraction arm and is designed for intensive usage (frequent repositioning) and for applications that generate oily welding fumes.

  • For standard to high number of position changes
  • Very easy/light operation
  • Reach of 10 to 13 ft (3 to 4 m) with a maximum reach of 26 ft (8 m) in combination with an extension crane
Extraction arms


The KUA is an aluminium tube extraction arm ideal for small and medium sized workplaces. It is specially designed to extract fume, gases and oil mist contaminants.

  • Ease of movement thanks to the 360 degree grip on the hood
  • Tube diameter: 6 or 8 in (160 or 200 mm)
  • 6.5, 10 or 13 ft (2, 3 or 4 m) in length with a maximum reach of 28 ft (8,5 m) in combination with an extension crane
Downdraft table

DraftMax for light applications

The DraftMax for light applications is a work bench fitted with a disposable filter. Recommended for light activities like grinding, cutting and TIG-welding. For small workshops or welding schools.

  • Integrated filter
  • Disposable filter depending on your choice
  • Maintenance-friendly

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