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Fire and Emergency service station exhaust extraction systems

Our wide range of exhaust extraction systems are ready to ensure the health and well-being of your firefighters, ambulance personnel and other emergency service personnel. Whether you're looking for drive-through systems, rail systems for under-chassis extraction, rail systems for vertical exhaust pipe or source extraction solutions; all of Plymovent's exhaust extraction systems provide a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace for you and your colleagues.

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Magnetic Grabber®

The Magnetic Grabber® is a vehicle exhaust removal device that provides a very quick, easy and controlled connection and disconnection to a vehicle exhaust system.

  • All nozzles are easy and quick to connect and disconnect
  • Click and seal concept
  • Self-aligning nozzle


The fans in the FUA series can be used as a direct mount fan for metal and hose tube extraction arms or as a central fan in small extraction systems.

  • Low noise level
  • Direct mount
  • Rotational outlet

High Temperature Hose (HT)

The High Temperature Hose (HT) hose for fire and emergency service stations can endure exhaust gas temperatures of up to 900˚F (482°C) continuous in a properly designed system. -Available only in North America-

  • Hose wall is made of a proprietary multi-layer, high temperature synthetic fabric hose
  • External helix is made up of spring steel wire and a synthetic wear strip for abrasion resistance
  • Lower hose is constructed with a proprietary semi-rigid material to ensure proper operation with Plymovent Grabbers

Highly Crush Resistant Hose (EH)

The EH hose is a crush-proof hose and can withstand temperatures up to 390ºF (200ºC). -Not available in North America-

  • Resistant to all chemicals present in exhaust fumes
  • Flexible and easy to use

Balancer 200 & 300 series

The Balancer-200 & -300 series are designed with safety as top priority. They lift the hose of a vehicle exhaust system and hold it in place above the shop floor. Thereby minimizing the risk of damage to the hose as it cannot be run over by a vehicle.

  • Wire length 6.5-11.5 ft. (2-3.5 meters)
  • Easy to install
  • Safe operation
Rail systems

Mini Rail Profile (MRP)

The Mini Rail Profile (MRP) system is an exhaust extraction system for emergency service stations and other facilities with confined spaces and/or low ceilings.

  • Provides an economic solution for long back-in bays
  • Energy efficient system
  • Fully automatic

Bayonet Quick Lock

The Bayonet Quick Lock enables fire and emergency vehicles with the Plymovent Magnetic Grabber® Tailpipe Adapter to be compatible with the Plymovent Pneumatic Grabber® or similar nozzles.

  • High-grade stainless steel, electro polished
  • Installs quickly by hand; no tools necessary
  • Making exhaust removal systems compatible across fire and emergency communities
Rail systems

Crab Return System (CRS)

The Crab Return System (CRS) fosters productivity by eliminating the need for an operator to physically retrieve the exhaust extraction hose and nozzle after they have been disconnected from a vehicle.

  • Reduces hose lengths: CRS enables the nozzle to move efficiently along with the vehicle reducing the amount of hose needed.
  • Fosters productivity: As soon as the vehicle enters the facility, an operator can hook up the hose to the exhaust tailpipe once, for more efficient labour time.
  • Providing excellent protection against hazardous exhaust gasses.

Pneumatic Grabber®

The Pneumatic Grabber® connects the exhaust removal system via an inflatable rubber bladder. This rubber construction is ideal for fire trucks exiting the station as it prevents damage to the tail pipe.

  • All nozzles are easy and quick to connect and disconnect
  • Manual or automatic deflation to disconnect the nozzle from the vehicle
  • Tailpipes that require a soft connection 
Safety disconnect handle

Safety Disconnect Handle

The safety disconnect handle is designed for functionality and efficiency; this product ensures safe, easy operation of your vehicle exhaust removal system.

  • Scratch-safe, high temperature resistant materials
  • Maximum efficiency through uninterrupted airflow through the hose
  • Can be used on all existing systems

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