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Plymovent complies with NEW ISO 21904 standards

Welding and cutting fume removal 2 Oct 2020 Product development

NEW ISO 21904: Plymovent complies and will remain in full compliance with mandatory standards

Plymovent is fully prepared to accommodate the key features of this new ISO 21904 standard.

Plymovent is known to be ahead of the curve. Many years of investment in Innovation, R&D and Product Development resulted in spot on new product introductions, such as the GoLine, Proline and large filtration systems like Diluter and Push-Pull systems. Furthermore, Plymovent developed its own in-house EMC and W3 test centers to conduct electrical and air filtration tests. From the innovative FlowGuard (ref. ISO 21904-1:2020) up to HEPA filters on most systems: we have it all!

In short: Plymovent is fully prepared to accommodate the key features of this new ISO 21904 standard. And we invite you to do the same!


What is ISO 21904-1:2020?

ISO 21904-1:2020 is introduced as per 1 October 2020. This new ISO norm is a worldwide standard, which defines general requirements on future systems and equipment for capturing and separating welding fumes. The key items are:

  • introduction of a minimum air volume flow rate for extraction devices such as extraction arms.
  • At this minimum air volume flow rate, efficiency requirements for welding fume class W3 must be met.
  • The welder must be informed by an optical signal that the equipment is working at this flow rate.


Plymovent is ready for the future, do you join us? Contact us in case you would like to discuss ‘Clean air at Work’ at the right quality standards in your premises.

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