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Oil mist removal


Improve your indoor climate

Want to get rid of slippery floors and reduce the illness rate amongst your colleagues. An oil mist collector system might be the ideal solution.

Our range of oil mist collection systems is ready for your specific oil mist and oil fume extraction needs. Do you opt for directly mounted filters or for central filter systems? The oil mist collection systems are modular and expandable, so that changes in the machine park or the type of coolant can easily be accommodated.

Plymovent oil mist collection systems are designed for all kind of metalworking machines and ensure a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace for you and your colleagues.

Putting your health as our most important goal since 1975.


  • Healthier working environment
  • Legislation compliance
  • Cleaner factory
  • Safer workplace
  • Cost-efficient

Choose your type oil mist collector

Our range of oil mist filters spans from direct mounted filters to central filter systems designed for all metalworking machines in a workshop. The modularity and expandability of the filter ensures easy reconfiguration.

Get your advice from a Plymovent Expert

Since 1975, we have solved more than 50,000 business issues. Our experts are happy to help you with your specific challenge(s) and guide you step by step to the best solution; reliable and high-quality oil mist removal for your company. Would you like to get in touch with one of our experts?

We are ready for you!

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  • Experts with years of experience
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • A personal approach

We provided clean air for


"Less is more is certainly true of this installation!"

Bouke Stiensma
Head of Maintenance & Facilities Department of Stork

"Our employees are important! They deserve a clean working environment."

Mr. Voortman
Director Voortman Staalbouw
AKS Precision Ball Europe Ltd.

"Plymovent is helping improve our good air quality to the next level."

Mr. Ian Newton
Engineering Supervisor at AKS
Welding and cutting fume removalOil mist removal

What can you expect from Plymovent filters?

28 Mar 2024 Filters

Plymovent – a Dutch company that has been developing complete solutions for welding fume extraction for more than 50 years. One of the most important components of a welding fume extraction system is the filter cartridge, or the ‘lungs’, of the system. What is it that makes Plymovent filters unique? And what certainty can you expect from them? Michel Ligthart, product and international sales manager, tells us what we need to know.

Welding and cutting fume removalOil mist removalVehicle exhaust removalVehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations

Plymovent joins the fight against lung cancer

24 Oct 2023 GeneralHealth risks

We are dedicated to take part in the Lung Cancer Awareness Month this November. Lung cancer is one of the most common and deadliest cancers worldwide. So we think it is important to raise awareness about lung cancer, its risks, prevention, early detection, and treatment.

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