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Vehicle exhaust removal

Plymovent recognized by 2023 PTEN innovation awards

9 Aug 2023 Awards

With over 100 product nominations, spanning across 26 categories, Plymovent is happy to announce that the Internal Grabber® has won the Safety Equipment & Personal Gear category! “On behalf of the PTEN Innovation Awards, I would like to congratulate Plymovent on their Internal Grabber®” PTEN Editor, Emily Markham.

Oil mist removal

What is oil mist?

13 Feb 2023 General

Oil mist is a fine spray of oil droplets that are suspended in the air. It can pose both health risks to workers and damage to equipment and surfaces. In this article, we will explore the sources of oil mist, its effects, and methods for controlling and preventing its spread.

Vehicle exhaust removal

Vehicle emissions: what is in it, what are the health effects and how can you protect against indoor air pollution.

10 Feb 2023 Health risks

Vehicle emissions can include a variety of harmful substances, which can contribute to air pollution and have negative impacts on public health and the environment.

Vehicle exhaust removal

Launch Internal Grabber

20 Jun 2022 Product development

Plymovent has innovated and launched the ‘NEW’ Internal Grabber®. The Internal Grabber® is a universal, patented, vehicle exhaust extraction nozzle.


The road of Plymovent to net zero

24 Mar 2022 Sustainability

100% Renewable electricity in our facilities by 2025

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Welding and cutting fume removal

Launch ControlPro Connect

14 Mar 2022 Product development

This advanced web portal maximizes uptime and operational efficiency for filter systems that remove welding fumes at industrial facilities.

Welding and cutting fume removal

ControlPro Connect: what is it, and what can it do for you?

2 Mar 2022 Product development

Plymovent’s ControlPro Connect is a smart online platform that monitors and manages Plymovent extraction systems, such as the MDB, SCS and EDS.

Welding and cutting fume removal

Nuisances while performing welding jobs?

11 Feb 2022 Health risks

Because welding processes often generate sparks, glares and fumes, a safe and nuisance-free workplace is of utmost importance.

Vehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations

TÜV SÜD certification affirms Plymovent’s quality-driven approach

6 Sep 2021 Product development

Recently Plymovent received the renowned TÜV SÜD certification. To get this TÜV SÜD certificate several Plymovent systems were tested for safety and the production locations were monitored.

Vehicle exhaust removal

The FumeCaddie® has won the Safety Equipment & Personal Gear category

2 Aug 2021 General

Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) has announced its 2021 Innovation Award Winners with Plymovent winning the Safety Equipment & Personal Gear category for its FumeCaddie® product.

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