Health risks of vehicle exhaust

As the emphasis on cleaner engines continues, clear improvements are visible. The reduction of particulate matter and of NoX are a few examples of this, however the dangerous effects of exhaust gases remain as several hazardous elements are still present:



Health effect*
Benzene Group 1, human carcinogen
Benzene ”alpha” pyrene Group 1, human carcinogen
Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon Group 2A, suspected human carcinogen
Formaldehyde Group 2A, suspected human carcinogen
Benzofuran Group 2B, possibly human carcinogen
Carbon monoxide Life-threatening to humans
Nitric oxides Life-threatening to humans

Capturing the vehicle exhaust gases provides a safer and more pleasant working environment.


IARC WHO Infographic**



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 ** Source of IARC Monographs Volume 132: