Be in touch with your filter


The ControlPro is the new filter control system of Plymovent and designed with the user in mind. ControlPro can control your extraction system automatically.

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A filter system should run fully automatically and in the way that fits the specific work situation of the user. That is exactly what the ControlPro does, only when attention or an action is required it will give an indication with clear instructions.

The ControlPro has an intuitive touch screen interface that shows at a glance how the system is performing, what the system is doing now, will do next and how to keep it in shape. An extensive easy to access menu allows adaptability and ease configuration, now and in the future.



ControlPro can control your extraction system automatically. The extensive and easy to access menu options allows adaptability and easy configuration – now and in the future.



An intuitive user interface shows at a glance how the system is performing. Any remedial action required is clearly indicated together with step by step actions to correct any issues.



ControlPro uses web linked communication for a wide variety of connectivity options. It allows remote support and control of multiple systems, by smartphone, tablet and desktop.


Reduce operation costs

The ControlPro has standard features that in combination with the fan controller (Variable Frequency Drive*) save energy, often up to forty percent and stretch filter cartridge life.

Recommended for
  • MDB filter system