Reference | Broki Metallwaren

The challenge

Since 40 years Broki Metallwaren GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing metal components and products, like retail store displays, store racks and shelves. Broki is the leading supplier for individual shop fitting projects in Germany.

Broki has two welding areas where people work in two shifts from 06.00 to 22.00 o`clock. Both welding areas have been equipped with an extraction and filtration system from Plymovent for many years. 14 extraction arms are connected to one central fan and filtration system, a MultiDust® Bank. Although the processes are dry welding activities, the filter cartridges have caught fire three times in the last 40 years. The main problem of these filter fires are sparks and spatter reaching the filter cartridges. Broki needed a solution to deal with that specific risk of fire. On top of that, the insurance company stopped the replacement cost coverage.