New extraction arm: T-Flex/CW

New extraction arm: T-Flex/CW

18 May 2011 A new product has just joined the Plymovent range of extraction arms: T-Flex/CW.

This telescopic extraction arm enables welders to accomplish ‘down hand welding’ as well as ‘position welding’. The precise positioning optimises the extraction of welding fumes at the source; ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.


The T-Flex/CW is compatible with both the single and central fans of Plymovent; the single fans can be mounted directly on top of the arm. Several options are available to meet your specific requirements, such as the welding cable sensor, the AD-200 or AD-8 automatic damper, the FlowGuard airflow sensor and the duct-connection flange.


As the arm takes up very little space, it’s ideal for all kinds of welding activities in, for example, extraction hoods and welding cabins. The arm comes with a wall mounting bracket for direct mounting on a wall or a column. If mounted on a column, the arm can rotate through 300° due to the rotating hinge.


The T-Flex/CW’s friction-free balance mechanism makes it possible to work at a precise position, also it makes the extraction arm almost maintenance free. Its rotatable hood makes the arm user-friendly and flexible. The complementary spring balance makes quick movement from a vertical to a horizontal position possible. With the T-Flex/CW welders are able to work within a 2.5 m radius.