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Plymovent launches airflow sensor FlowGuard

31 March 2011 Following accentuated health and safety regulations Plymovent introduces FlowGuard, an airflow sensor to primarily protect welders from inhaling hazardous welding fumes.

The British Health and Safety Executive HSG 258 guideline ‘controlling airborne contaminants at work’ requires, among others, that users of welding fume extraction systems have the right to know if they are using effective extraction equipment.


The guideline ensures the ongoing effectiveness of the existing extraction system. Therefore, this guideline protects welders and people working nearby, as it prevents welding fumes from reaching the breathing zone of the welder, ensuring clean air at work.


Plymovent supports their customers to comply with the current regulations and staying ahead of any future changes. To meet these regulations, Plymovent launches FlowGuard. This innovative sensor indicates the airflow of the extraction equipment. A green LED shows the end-user that the airflow is effective, thus OK and a red LED indicates that the airflow dropped below the set value.


FlowGuard can be mounted on an extraction arm, but it can also be applied to any other extraction device. The main feature is that no electrical wiring is needed to install the airflow sensor, as it contains batteries.


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