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Launch ControlPro Connect

Welding and cutting fume removal 14 Mar 2022 Product development

Increase operational efficiency by monitoring your filter system for welding fumes

In March Plymovent has launched the ControlPro Connect. This advanced web portal maximizes uptime and operational efficiency for filter systems that remove welding fumes at industrial facilities.

The portal provides the real time filter status of all filters and gives accurate insights in trend lines and deviations. By monitoring this data, planned maintenance can be organized better to keep down the costs and maximize uptime.

Manage multiple filter systems easily via the new web portal

ControlPro Connect is Plymovent’s IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution for filters and fans that are controlled by the ControlPro control equipment of Plymovent. ControlPro Connect is an advanced web portal that gives our customers the power to monitor, manage and control multiple filters in their facility at a glance. The dashboard of the ControlPro Connect provides an overview of the main functions and status of the filters. Via the user interface the factory map can easily be uploaded and the filter installations inserted. The system then shows all relevant information of the filters and fans e.g. filter pressure, energy savings, dustbin level, alerts and warnings.

Maintenance crew saves time

For companies with intensive welding activities, the maintenance of all the filter systems can be a time consuming task. The new web portal combines all the data of the various filters together (e.g. filter pressure and dustbin levels) and they can be managed from a desktop or a tablet. Warnings and alerts are shown real time with the exact location in the facility and are delivered directly via email to the assigned responsible person within the organization. Not having to check each individual filter in the facility saves the maintenance crew valuable time.

Historical data of the filter performance is stored for easy analysis. Reports about the performance of the installation are available in graphic form and as historical data per week, month or year. With the stored data our customers will get accurate insights in trend lines and deviations, enabling them to make data driven decisions to optimize the filter operation, plan preventive maintenance and maximize uptime.

Save energy by changing parameters

Un-scheduling planned filter activity during national holidays can save our customers energy and costs. Additional cleaning cycles can be planned during lunch breaks, to have the system in optimal condition at all times. In case of overtime, the working hours can easily be updated for some or all filters at once. This flexible way of controlling the filter systems saves time and energy.

Best friend of the HSE Manager

Peter van Aken, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Plymovent is extremely proud of this new portal. “I’m sure this portal will be the best friend of all HSE Managers, maximizing the uptime and operational efficiency, while providing the best indoor air possible. I’m also very proud of the Plymovent team, who accomplished the built of this complex, but easy to use system.”

Available via Plymovent sales offices and distributors

ControlPro Connect can be bought worldwide via the Plymovent sales offices and authorized distributors. In addition, our customers have the option to give access to online support and intervention on the ControlPro Connect by trained dedicated Plymovent service representatives.

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