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Tacoma FD TV Show Releases PSA

Vehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations 22 Feb 2021 General

Tacoma FD TV Show Releases Public Service Announcement on Importance of Having a Plymovent Exhaust Extraction System

For 3 seasons now, the Tacoma FD TV show has been using Plymovent vehicle exhaust extraction systems on their set and is happy to share their great experiences in a newly produced Public Service Announcement (PSA).

Protecting firefighters from hazardous exhaust fumes in their stations is something that Plymovent has done for over 45 years. As a global leader in Fire and Emergency Services vehicle exhaust extraction solutions, it is something that as a company we take seriously – protecting those who protect us. So when it came to protecting the actors who play firefighters and the other cast members of the well-known Tacoma FD TV, it was no different!

Featuring two star cast members of the show, in a light-hearted fashion they discuss the importance of a Plymovent exhaust extraction system and of course the hashtag, "Hook Up the Hose.”

Check out the soon-to-be-released season 3 of Tacoma FD featuring brief cameos of Plymovent’s yellow and black exhaust extraction systems!

About Plymovent

Since 1975, we have made it our business to ensure clean air at work, providing high-quality vehicle exhaust extraction and industrial filtration products to protect workers across the world. Plymovent is the world leader in protecting firefighters, EMS personnel and others from exposure to hazardous vehicle exhaust fumes. From existing stations to new turnkey facilities, our totally automatic start-up and disconnect source capture systems are the recommended method for controlling exhaust emissions at your station.

Video of Tacoma FD 

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