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Extraction arms

FlowGuard airflow sensor

Plymovent's FlowGuard measures the airflow in extraction arms. It measures the airflow is high enough and it confirms that the extraction capacity is according to specification.

  • Fits on all solid tube extraction arms
  • No electrical wiring
  • Indication by LED
  • Configurable to arm diameter

FlowGuard is a sensor to check and indicate the airflow in your extraction arm

The FlowGuard is an under-pressure sensor for mounting on an extraction arm or any other device to check whether the airflow is adequate. This is achieved by measuring the pressure difference inside and outside the extraction arm.

Recommended for

  • Applications where indication of present airflow in solid tube extraction arms is desirable.


  • Easy installation
  • No electrical wiring
  • Configurable to arm diameter


Health and safety regulations such as the British Health and Safety Executive HSG 258 guideline and European EN ISO 21904 standard controlling airborne contaminants at work require, among other things, that users of welding fume extraction systems have the right to know if they are using proper extraction equipment.

Properly used extraction arms prevent welding fumes to reach the welder’s breathing zone. FlowGuard confirms proper airflow by simple green LED.

This airflow sensor needs a partner in crime

The FlowGuard can be combined on any extraction device such as:

  • Extraction arms
  • Downdraft tables
  • Extraction ducts

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Physical dimensions and properties

wall thickness
1,5 mm
Air tubes
Ø 4 mm
Weight (net)
200 g
grey RAL 7024
Protection class
IP 65
Supply voltage
4 batteries AA 1.5 V


Pressure setting
100 to 1370 Pa; configuration by DIP switches
Battery life
approx. 12 months

Product combinations

Any extraction device, such as:
extraction arms, downdraft tables and extraction ducts

Scope of supply

Housing with airflow sensor − Screw 3.5 x 16 (2) − Battery AA 1.5 V (4) − Instruction sheet

Order information

Article no.

Logistics data

Gross weight
250 g
Packing dimensions
230 x 155 x 60 mm

Pressure and air flow

T-Flex | T-Flex/CW | Flex-2 | Flex-3 | Flex-4 | UltraFlex-3 | UltraFlex-4 | UltraFlex-4/LC
Pressure setting
310 Pa
Minimum air volume flow rate*)
1025 m3/h
KUA-160 | MSA-160
Pressure setting
210 Pa
Minimum air volume flow rate*)
651 m3/h
KUA-200 | MSA-200
120 Pa
Minimum air volume flow rate*)
1136 m3/h
*) According to ISO 21904-4:2020


Green LED on:
FlowGuard stand-by; or airflow OK; and battery charge OK
Orange LED blinking:
airflow insufficient
Orange LED on:
batteries are low
LED off:
no airflow; and/or batteries are empty


Intelligent control by microprocessor to save batteries
Pressure measurement by two air tubes: 1. inside extraction arm 2. reference pressure (environment)
inside extraction arm
reference pressure (environment)
Simple mounting on extraction arm or any other extraction device

FlowGuard Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

FlowGuard Brochure EN


The FlowGuard is in accordance with the following directives:

  • ISO 21904-4:2020
  • Health and Safety Guidance HSG 258
  • EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS) 

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