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Push-Pull system

Push-Pull system

Push-Pull systems can make a significant contribution to your facility, providing you and your employees with a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment.

  • Reduction of fine dust
  • Performance under control
  • Low noise level

Take control of welding and cutting fumes and eliminate fumes lingering above the shop floor.

Recommended for

  • Large workshops


  • Low noise level
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduction of fine dust
  • Performance under control
  • Energy savings

Solutions for various facility layouts

Installing a Push-Pull system in your facility not only creates a cleaner, safer work environment, but also provides cost savings. As it is a modular system, the entire facility does not need to be changed; specific work zones can be designated for new ventilation.

Designing the right system for your facility

To design an effective Push-Pull system to meet your needs, an in-depth inventory of your facility layout and operation must be made and evaluated. This includes parameters such as: application/manufacturing processes, operator procedures, existing ventilation and air movements, overall volume and general construction of workshop and obstructions.

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