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Diluter system


The SCS-Diluter is a stand-alone general filtration system, developed to reduce and control the background concentration of welding fumes in a workshop.

  • Low installation cost
  • Flexible
  • Efficient filtration

The SCS-Diluter is a smart solution without ductwork

In some cases source extraction and hoods are not an option, for example if metalwork pieces are too big to be covered by extraction arms, as in the ship-building and transport industry, or if welders constantly move in between positions. Plymovent has therefore developed a general filtration system that can control welding fumes in large facilities: the SCS-Diluter.

Recommended for

  • The SCS-Diluter has been specially designed for light to medium welding processes.


  • Low installation cost
  • Flexible
  • Efficient filtration

This solution can be used in large workshops with various welding processes, changing activities, crane transportation and locations where ductwork is difficult to install. The result: reducing the concentration of fumes to lower levels, giving a cleaner working environment!

Flexible solution

Installing the Diluter system is easy as you do not need any ductwork. It does not only save ductwork costs, it is also a very flexible solution for facilities with many welding processes, changing locations constantly.

Minor investment maximum result

The Diluter system consists of three main components: the SCS-filter unit, a fan and the Diluter itself. The Diluter is an air circulation unit with six multidirectional outlet nozzles. The unit re-circulates the cleaned air into the workshop by means of the outlet nozzles.

The nozzles can be rotated to optimise air distribution. The airflows from the nozzles can be controlled individually making the system unique. Positioning the nozzles directly towards the welding fume layer gives the best result (usually between 13 and 20 feet (4 and 6 meters)). The main benefit is the relatively small investment for controlling welding fumes in your plant.

Two versions of filter controls

The SCS-Diluter will be available with the new filter controls of Plymovent; the ControlPro and the ControlGo.

SCS-Diluter PRO

The SCS-Diluter PRO is fitted with the ControlPro. This version has a control with an intuitive touchscreen interface that shows at a glance how the system is performing, what the system is doing now, will do next and how to keep it in shape. An extensive and very accessible menu allows full adaptability in an easy way. ControlPro uses ethernet communication for a wide variety of connectivity options. ControlPro is the control that meets the full needs of the professional user: Simple, Insight, Connected.

If your filters are steered by ControlPro control systems, Plymovent gives the option to extend it with ControlPro Connect. This is an advanced web portal that gives you the power to monitor, manage and control any number of filters at a glance from your PC, tablet or smartphone. This version uses the FCC-150 filter cartridge and has an operational airflow of (max.) 5,297 CFM (9000 m3/h)

SCS-Diluter GO

The SCS-Diluter GO has integrated control unit the ControlGo. The ControlGo is built on the same platform as the ControlPro, offering the same performance, but with preset configurations for the user with basic needs. The SCS-Diluter GO uses push buttons and indicator lights for simple interaction and meets the basic needs of any user. This version uses the FCC-150 filter cartridge and has an operational airflow of (max.) 5,297 CFM (9000 m3/h)

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Physical dimensions and properties

Inlet diameter:
fan (internal diameter)
Ø 401 mm (15.79 in.)
Outlet diameter:
filter unit
Ø 400 mm (15.75 in.)
fan (internal diameter)
Ø 501 mm (19.72 in.)
filter housing
LMDPE (linear medium
density polyethylene)
fan housing
steel with aluminium profiles
outlet unit with nozzles
zinc-plated steel and aluminium
zinc-plated steel
filter housing
grey RAL 7035
filter base
grey RAL 7024
black RAL 9005
Weight (net)
800 kg (1764 lbs)
Capacity of dustbin
100 litres (26 gallon)

Filter cartridges

FCC-150 or FCC-150/HE
cellulose fibres
Filter surface area
2 x 75 m2 (2 x 807 ft2)
Dust class
M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69

Compressed air system

Required compressed air quality
dry and oil-free according to ISO 8573-3 class 6
Required pressure
6 bar (90 psi)
Compressed air connection
quick connection coupling Ø 9
mm (CEJN 320)
Compressed air consumption
max. 150 nl/min. (5.3 ft3/
min.) (depending on the
degree of saturation of the


Fan type
Unrestricted airflow (max.)
12.000 m3/h (7,063 CFM)
Operational airflow
refer to Order information
max. 50 m (164 ft)
Speed of revolutions
2920 rpm at 50 Hz
Noise level
<70 dB(A)

Electrical data

Power consumption fan
7,5 kW (10 HP)
Connection voltage
Insulation class fan
F with PTC
Nominal current
13,9 A
Protection class
lP 54

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature:
5°C (41 °F)
20°C (68 °F)
45°C (113 °F)
Max. relative humidity
Suitable for outdoor use
Storage conditions
5-45°C (41-113°F)
relative humidity max. 80%

Scope of supply

Central filter unit SCS-D − Air inlet module − Spark
arrester − Frame − Dustbin − Dustbin flange − Bush −
Fan − Frame fan − Silencer − Duct 1,5 m (5 ft) / Ø 500
mm (19.7 in.) − Outlet unit with 6 nozzles − Control
equipment, incl. frequency inverter − Separate pressure
transmitter (SCS-Diluter GO only)

Order information

SCS-Diluter GO
Article no.
Control equipment
Filter cartridges
Operational airflow (max.)
9000 m3/h (5,297 CFM)
W3 compliant
SCS-Diluter PRO
Article no.
Control equipment
Filter cartridges
Operational airflow (max.)
9000 m3/h (5,297 CFM)
W3 compliant
SCS-Diluter PRO W3
Article no.
Control equipment
Filter cartridges
Operational airflow (max.)
8000 m3/h (4,709 CFM)
W3 compliant

Logistics data

Pallet 1
Gross weight (incl. pallet):
149 kg (329 lbs.)
Packing dimensions:
120 x 120 x 180 cm (47 x 47 x 71 in.)
Pallet 2
Gross weight (incl. pallet):
270 kg (595 lbs.)
Packing dimensions:
120 x 120 x 210 cm (47 x 47 x 83 in.)
Pallet 3
Gross weight (incl. pallet):
213 kg (470 lbs.)
Packing dimensions:
120 x 120 x 140 cm (47 x 47 x 55 in.)
Pallet 4
Gross weight (incl. pallet):
325 kg (717 lbs.)
Packing dimensions:
80 x 120 x 180 cm (32 x 47 x 71 in.)
Harmonized Tariff Code
Country of origin

Features & Benefits

RoboCleanPlus filter cleaning system that arranges automatic sectionwise cleaning of the filter cartridges by compressed air
360° air inlet

SCS-Diluter Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

SCS-Diluter Brochure EN


ControlPro Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

ControlPro Connect Manual EN


SCS-Diluter CE Declaration EN


The SCS-Diluter is in accordance with the following directives:

  • Machine Directive 2006/42 EC
  • EMC 2014/30 EU
  • LVD 2014/35 EU
  • ErP Directive 2009/125 EC
  • Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS)

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Diluter system

The MDB-Diluter system is a free-standing general filtration system, developed to reduce and control the background concentration of heavy welding fumes in a workshop.

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