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Rail systems

Vertical Stack Rail (VSR)

The Vertical Stack Rail (VSR) is the solution for vehicles that have top exhaust and need to move through a garage or station.

  • Expandable system to almost any length
  • A fully automatic system
  • Floating suspension

The Vertical Stack Rail is the solution for vehicles that have a top exhaust

The Vertical Stack Rail (VSR) is the solution for vehicles that have top exhaust and need to move through an apparatus bay or garage.

Recommended for

  • Vehicles with vertical tailpipes


  • Floating suspension
  • Adjustable capture stack
  • Fits any vehicle stack
  • One-piece aluminium rail
  • Expandable system to almost any length
  • Adapter cone designed for empty and loaded vehicles
  • Suitable for existing fire stations and new design-built stations
  • 30 cm lateral movement to either side
  • Flexible duct connection
  • Sealing rubber lips
  • Automatic return to position after lateral movement
  • Secure wire; fail safe

Overhead exhaust stacks

The VSR system is designed for vehicles with overhead exhaust stacks. With no operator intervention needed, the “V” shaped catcher guides the vehicle tail pipe into the rail profile.


The rail profile is a free-floating system that allows side-to-side movement of the entire system and automatically aligns itself with the vehicle tail pipe.


Besides being completely code-compliant, the VSR system offers solid one-piece extruded aluminium rail profiles that provide strength and durability.

The VSR is the right choice if you want a vertical exhaust pipe, an exhaust removal system that is easy to use and ensures effective and efficient diesel exhaust gas removal.

TÜV SÜD certified product

The vertical stack rail VSR is certified by TÜV SÜD for safety and the production locations were monitored in Troisdorf (Germany) and Lamphun (Thailand).

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Air Volume
Air volumes as high as 1400 CFM (2380 m3/h)
Length of Service Area
Up to 23,5 m (76 ft); square rail is 6 m (19.6 ft) in length, and rail is cut for each specific order as needed.
Energy Efficiency
• Automatic start-stop of energy-efficient fan by pressure sensor.
• For multiple rails and a single fan, automatic motorized dampers turn on/off the system, reducing energy costs.
Height Requirements
A minimum of 17.5 in. (445 mm) is required from the top of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe to the horizontal support brackets.
Occupational Health Benefits
• The catcher can be installed as close as 1 ft (305 mm) to the door entry, protecting operators and service personnel from harmful exhaust emissions.
• Rubber seal lips in the rail profile trap harmful exhaust fumes as the vertical exhaust pipe travels through the rail.
Facility and Vehicle Requirements
• Supports both drive through and back in connections.
• Rail profile is connected to duct system by a 6.3 in. (160 mm) diameter flexible hose that’s installed either on top (drive-through) or end (back-in) of profile.
• Rail length ranges from 19.6 to 120 ft (6 to 36,5 m)

Recommended Airflows:

210 cfm (360 m3/h)
Fire truck up to 10 ltr. engine:
420 cfm (720 m3/h)
Fire truck up to 16 ltr. engine:
630 cfm (1070 m3/h)
Fire truck up to 24 ltr. engine:
1060 cfm (1800 m3/h)

Recommended Air Velocity:

In ducting:
2000 - 3000 fpm (10 - 15 m/s)


Vertical Mounting Kit - MKV:
The suspension plate is adjustable for angled ceilings to adjust the pitch to vertical. Plate is also used to mount the legs to the rail. A single set to mount one support length is provided. Maximum angle: 30O.
Horizontal Mounting Kit - MKH:
The horizontal slide plate will allow adjustment away from or closer to the wall. Comes in sets for mounting one support suspension. Maximum angle: 30O.
Side Brace Kit:
The side brace kit comes in three lengths: 19.7 in. (500 mm), 29.5 in. (750 mm) and 70.9 in. (1800 mm). Each kit includes two braces and a clamp.
Vertical Leg Hanging Material
This is an aluminium profile, extremely strong but light-weight for easy mounting. Sold in packs of 24.
Horizontal Suspension Kit:
An aluminium profile, trolley, trolley stops, suspension brackets, a centering spring, and safety wire.


Vertical Stack Adaptors
Adaptors ranging from 4 to 6 in. (100 mm to 150 mm) are available.
PC-500 Pressure Sensors:
Pressure sensor for automatic exhaust fan start. A minimum of two sensors are required per rail. To be used together with control unit, PC- 1000.
See separate data sheets for F-Series and TEV fans.
Fan Mounting Kit:
Consult Plymovent or your authorized distributor for details.
ASE-12-E Motordriven Damper:
Fully automatic, motorized damper, Ø 6.3 in. (160 mm) with built-in energy saver. Opens/closes in 10 - 15 seconds. Adjustable delay 10 - 180 seconds.
Starter SA-24 or OS-3:
Automatic control unit for exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can be manually controlled or automatically controlled by pressure sensor, PC-500.

Vertical Stack Rail Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

Vertical Stack Rail Manual EN


Vertical Stack Rail Brochure EN


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