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Rail systems

Sliding Balancer Track (SBT)

The Sliding Balancer Track (SBT) has set the standard for exhaust extraction of fire and emergency vehicles around the world. SBT is the preferred rail system for back-in applications.

  • Back-in bays up to 39.4 ft (12 meters) deep
  • Exhaust hose sizes for all vehicle types
  • Auto-disconnect at exit door

The Sliding Balancer Track is the preferred system for back-in garage applications

The Sliding Balancer Track is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tail pipe, capturing virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions. This system is used in single, back-in garage applications where the vehicle tail pipe is within 12 meters of the door.

Recommended for

  • Fire stations
  • Ideal for single bay applications


  • Back-in bays up to 39.4 ft. (12 meters) deep
  • Exhaust hose sizes for all vehicle types
  • Auto-disconnect at exit door
  • Speed absorbing shock system
  • Automatic start/stop of fan by an exhaust sensor
  • Adjustable release points depending on vehicle speed

Fully automatic

The system is fully automatic, from the fan activation to the automatic release from the exiting vehicle. There is a one-step connection to the system as the vehicle enters a garage.

The Sliding Balancer Track is right for your application if you want an exhaust removal system you can connect at the door before backing in and automatically disconnect when you leave.

TÜV SÜD certified product

The Sliding Balancer Track is available in 2 versions. The Slider Balancer Track Pneumatic (SBTP) and Slider Balancer Track Magnetic (SBTM). Both versions are certified by TÜV SÜD for safety and the production locations were monitored in Troisdorf (Germany) and Lamphun (Thailand).

The SBT is the right choice if you are looking for an exhaust removal system that is easy to use and ensures effective and efficient diesel exhaust gas removal.

A rail system alone, won't do much!

The Sliding Balancer Track can be attached to a combination of the following products:

Exhaust hoses:





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Air Volume

The SBT supports air volumes as high as 1040 cfm (1800 m3/h).

Maximum Length

up to 66 ft (20 m) from exit door to tailpipe (determined by hanging height).
up to 72 ft (22 m) from door to door (determined by hanging height).

Energy Efficiency

Automatic start-stop of energy-efficient fan by pressure sensor.

Height Requirements

Track should be mounted 12 to 14 ft (3,7 to 4,2 m) from the floor.

Facility and Vehicle Requirements

Supports back-in and drive-through connections
Vehicles with undercarriage tailpipes

Occupational Health Benefits

Protects operators and service personnel from harmful exhaust emissions.
Operator can connect nozzle to the vehicle while standing in an upright position, further limiting exposure to harmful exhaust emissions.

Recommended Airflows

210 cfm (360 m3/h)
4 in. (100 mm) hoses:
340-400 cfm minimum
5 in. (125 mm) hoses:
540-600 cfm minimum
Recommended Air Velocity:
In ducting:
3000 - 4000 fpm (15 - 20 m/s)


Internal Trolley
The SBT steel crab trolley travels inside the SBT track and allows the balancer and hose assembly to slide in a safe and effective manner.
The non-locking spring recoil balancer controls the point at which the Grabber disconnects from the tailpipe. As the hose reaches it’s maximum length, the balancer locking cable will bottom out, in turn pulling the nozzle from the moving vehicle.
Hose Package
The hose package consists of the following:
• upper hose and metal saddle
• mid-hose
• lower hose with Safety Disconnect Handle, designed with a
  round handle and large grips, and Grabber® nozzle.
Hose Length:
Lengths are available in 19.7 ft (6 m) to 32.8 ft (10 m).
Hose Diameter:
Diameters range from 4 in. (100 mm) to 6.3 in. (160 mm)
The Magnetic Grabber®
Nozzle incorporates a self-aligning conical design with integrated magnets.
The Pneumatic Grabber®
Connects to the vehicle exhaust pipe via an inflatable rubber bladder.
Vertical and Horizontal Leg Suspension items must be ordered separately, based on a wall or ceiling mounting.


Tailpipe Reducer & Bracket
The tailpipe reducer easily converts an exhaust tailpipe to a larger size so that the conical tailpipe adapter can be installed. In addition, a tailpipe support bracket ensures a secure connection between the tailpipe and body / chassis.
PC-500 Pressure Sensor:
Pressure sensor for automatic exhaust fan start.
See separate data sheets for F-Series and TEV fans and mounting kits.
Starter OS-3:
Automatic control unit for exhaust fan, which can be controlled via pressure sensors or wireless transmitters.

Sliding Balancer Track (SBT) Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

Sliding Balancer Track with Pneumatic Grabber Manual EN


Sliding Balancer Track with Magnetic Grabber Manual EN


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Mini Rail Profile (MRP)

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Vehicle Square Rail with External Crab (VSRX)

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