Designed for schools and small working booths

  • Designed for schools and small working booths
  • Ideal for bench working
  • Telescopic space saver
  • Reach 1.0 m-2.0 m
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LM-2 “Junior Arm” is a compact and handy extraction arm designed specifically for schools, small working booths and areas with a low ceiling. The LM-2’s telescopic design has a spring-balanced telescopic tube with a counterweight that can be extended and contracted concertina-fashion, and can be angled and positioned exactly as required with just one finger. An efficient, versatile bench work source capture arm, always at hand and easy to reach.

  • Universal mounting bracket with ball-bearing and friction pad allows for 360 degree rotation, ease of maneuvering and ensures maximum lifespan
  • Support mechanism ensures stability, smooth operation and minimum restriction
  • Telescopic tube enables working radius to be adjusted from a minimum of 1.0 m to a maximum of 2.0 m
  • 360 degree ring handle allows for ease to reach and access from any position
Recommended for
  • Maintenance welding
  • Welding schools
  • Welding booth applications
  • Workbench applications