Reference | Zoomlion

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Segment Heavy industry
Country China

The challenge

Zoomlion, based in China, produces all kinds of enormous vehicles/machines, e.g. to asphalt, pave, drill, sweep and wash, but also crane transportation, bulldozers and fire trucks; all heavy machinery. One of its subsidiaries, based in Changsha1, was looking for a solution to remove the overdose of welding fumes from its workshop. This subsidiary is huge: 95,000 m2 (207 m x 72 m x 14.6 m) and includes three bays.

The welding area covers 180 m x 72 m x 5 m; 180 employees work in two shifts, seven days a week. Besides manual welding, welding installations are used. All together consuming 60,000 kg of welding wire per month. Plymovent analysed the situation carefully and proposed an engineered solution.