When constructing a ship lots of welding activities take place. These fumes need to be captured in order to protect your personnel.

From small portable extraction units to tailor-made systems

The construction of ships often takes place in specialised facilities known as shipyards. Shipbuilding and ship repairs are a major industry, worldwide. As welders often do not have much space to work in, a clean and healthy work environment should be provided, to protect them from inhaling welding fumes.


Therefore, high-quality extraction and effective filtration systems are required to make sure that legal limits for welding and grinding are not exceeded. Our products extract welding fumes effectively, protecting both employees and employers against the risks of welding fumes and (grinding) dust. This results in a cleaner and healthier work environment.


We offer various solutions that control welding fumes, from source extraction, extraction hoods to tailor-made general filtration systems.