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Vehicle exhaust removal 20 Jun 2022 Product development

The ‘New’ universal exhaust extraction nozzle - Internal Grabber®

One size fits all! Over the years, the shapes and positions of car and truck exhaust tailpipes have evolved into a variety of configurations including the standard horizontal discharge, flush tailpipes that exit through the vehicle bumper, and dual tailpipes.

To accommodate this progression, Plymovent has innovated and launched the ‘NEW’ Internal Grabber®.

The Internal Grabber® is a universal, patented, vehicle exhaust extraction nozzle that makes other nozzles obsolete. Due to the protruding beak and ergonomic body, the Internal Grabber® nozzle is easy to attach to virtually any vehicle exhaust tailpipe. The unique, pivoting and extendable “nozzle skirt” offers flexibility for every situation while protecting the vehicle exterior. The pump-action handle is incredibly comfortable to your hand and is easy to use. In the case of dual exhaust tailpipes, with the “butterfly receiver” you can easily connect a secondary Internal Grabber® to the first allowing a very simple way to capture fumes at the source from a dual tailpipe exhaust system.

Exposure to hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions can cause serious health problems for you and your employees. The most efficient way to combat that exposure is to capture the exhaust fumes at the source and eliminate contact with harmful pollutants. Use Plymovent’s new Internal Grabber®!

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