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Control equipment


The AeroGuard Air Monitor gives you control of your air filtration system. Get real-time transparency and assurance of the quality of your indoor air. The air monitor includes a free mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices) and a comprehensive web portal.

  • Monitoring multiple pollutants and climate factors
  • Real-time data display
  • Free mobile app
Mobile filter for exhaust extraction


The FumeCaddie™ captures exhaust fumes at the source emitted by any vehicle or apparatus running indoors and extracts them from the building.

  • Compatible with all Plymovent hoses
  • 5 m (16’) electrical cord with 240V plug
  • Installs in 5 minutes
Mobile filters


The MobilePro is a mobile welding fume extractor with a self-cleaning filter used to remove welding fumes on-site in confined spaces and spaces that are difficult to reach.

  • Self-cleaning filter cartridge
  • Can be combined with a metal or hose tube arm
  • Versatile handlebar/toolholder

Internal Grabber®

The Internal Grabber® nozzle of Plymovent is a new, universal nozzle that fits the shapes and positions of any car and pickup truck exhaust tailpipes. This patented nozzle makes other nozzles obsolete.

  • Adapts to any tailpipe shape
  • Self-aligning squeeze grip for an effortless and smooth attachment
  • Extendable nozzle skirt with soft edge to optimize exhaust gas capture
Stationary filters


MonoGo is an excellent starting point to provide protection against the exposure of welding fumes. It is typically used for extraction during the occasional welding or light welding activities. W3 compliant ✔

  • Ideal for fixed work stations
  • Effective protection against welding fume exposure
  • Two stage filter for longer filter life

Sound Absorbing Fan (SAF)

Don't give hearing damage a chance! The Sound Absorbing Fan (SAF) reduces noise by more than 10 dB, reducing the risk of hearing damage. The exhaust fans from the SAF series are equipped with sound insulation and designed for any space, indoors or outdoors, where noise pollution needs to be controlled.

  • Can reduce noise production by more than 10 dB in combination with the recommended duct silencer
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Neatly finished for a professional and sleek appearance

Magnetic Grabber®

The Magnetic Grabber® is a vehicle exhaust removal device that provides a very quick, easy and controlled connection and disconnection to a vehicle exhaust system.

  • All nozzles are easy and quick to connect and disconnect
  • Click and seal concept
  • Self-aligning nozzle
Stationary filters

MistEliminator-3 series

This modular filtration system reduces the background concentration of oil mist efficiently in CNC machineries and during other metalworking processes.

  • Comply with health and safety standards
  • Minimise health risks in the workplace
  • Safe work environment
Extraction arms


The KUA is an aluminium tube extraction arm ideal for small and medium sized workplaces. It is specially designed to extract fume, gases and oil mist contaminants.

  • Ease of movement thanks to the 360 degree grip on the hood
  • Tube diameter: 160 or 200 mm (6 or 8 in)
  • 2, 3 or 4 m (6.5, 10 or 13 ft) in length with a maximum reach of 8,5 m (28 ft) in combination with an extension crane
Stationary filters


The MDB is a modular dust collector, making it possible to tailor the filter system to the requirements of your industrial application. Made for heavy applications usage.

  • Efficient filtration of dust and fumes
  • Modular design for any size solution
  • Expandable as your business grows

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