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Welding & cutting fume removal

Welding fume production with extraction arm

Advantages provided by welding fume extraction

The power of welding fume and smoke extractors.

With welding fume and smoke extraction systems, you ensure a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace. Protecting your colleagues, reducing sick leave and decreasing downtime of machinery: these are benefits created by clean air in the workplace as a result of installing welding fume extraction systems.

Are you ready to experience these and more benefits? Take a look at the steps towards cleaner air at your workplace and/or contact a Plymovent expert.

Plymovent putting your health as our most important goal since 1975.

Advantages of a welding fume extraction system

  • Healthier working environment
  • Legislation compliance
  • Cleaner factory
  • Safer workplace
  • Cost-efficient
  • Less downtime

GP Groot

It was clear that GP Groot needed a flexible solution to extract its welding fumes as GP Groot deals with all kinds of sizes of metal workpieces. Therefore fixed extraction arms –mounted to the wall or onto standards– were no option.

West Coast College

West Coast College required an engineered solution that would benefit the students, lecturers and the school in general, that was easy to use and maintain. The automation of the system has also proved to be beneficial from an energy saving perspective as well as a reduction in noise levels.


The Push-Pull system has appeared to be an effective and economic solution. The working conditions have been improved considerably and the same goes for the productivity. Also the welders are very pleased with the Push-Pull system.

Welding and cutting fume removal

Lead poisoning in the workplace

8 Jul 2024 Working safely

Lead is a metal widely used in the industrial sector, though due to its high level of toxicity in the human body, its use has been gradually reduced. In this post we will talk about the use of lead, its effects on the human body and the symptoms of lead poisoning.

Welding and cutting fume removal

The risks of improper use of filters

6 May 2024 Filters

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), welding fumes are confirmed as being carcinogenic. To prevent your personnel from exposure to risks to their health, it's important to install an air purification system that delivers high quality. That quality depends on the filter, or the 'lungs' of the system. What risks do you run if you use an incorrect (replacement) filter? Michel Ligthart, Product and International Sales Manager at Plymovent, answers some of the most common questions.

The right solution(s) for your industry

We offer products, systems and services which ensure clean air at work, anywhere in the world. Select your industry for more specific information.

Service & maintenance


Our systems are designed to live a very long time, but you can take action as well to keep it in top condition.

Proper maintenance of your fume removal equipment is essential to ensure it continues to operate at optimal performance and to protect the health of your workers. To help you maintain your equipment, we offer a variety of services and spare parts.

Plymovent is a member of the European Welding Association


One of the key developments at EWA in welding and welding regulations is to protect the welder from hazardous fumes. This can be achieved by welding fume extraction equipment and solutions, which is one of the main areas of expertise of Plymovent.

Plymovent contributes to the EWA to make sure welders can count on “Clean air at work for everyone everywhere”, the mission of Plymovent.

The European Welding Association (EWA) is an industrial association of manufacturers of welding equipment and consumables as well as National associations from the welding industry from across Europe. Objectives of the EWA are amongst others to represent the interest of its industry in dealings with the governments of the EU countries, the Commission of the EU, other foreign countries and with trade organisations and all other bodies on matters relating to and affecting the industry. In addition the EWA works on revising existing and promoting new technical standards as may from time to time be necessary for trade throughout the EU and the rest of the world.

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