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About Plymovent


Our mission: Clean air at work for everyone, everywhere

Visible and invisible air pollutants are a serious hazard to your health. Numerous people around the world work with air pollutants like vehicle exhaust and/or welding fumes, oil mist and dust particles. Plymovent is committed to ensuring a clean, safe and healthy working environment for everyone.

That’s why we design, manufacture and supply products, systems and services all over the world for the extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air. We provide high-quality solutions to welders, metalworkers, firefighters, garage mechanics and many more workers at risk from a polluted workplace. Our products contribute significantly to a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace.

We are Plymovent

With more than 350 employees, we have a presence around the world. Since 1975, we in-house innovate, design and manufacture our products, these days in a CO2 neutral way! We sell, service and maintain our great products and systems through our own sales offices, webshops and worldwide network of (exclusive) distributors and dealers. Check out the dealer locator to find your nearest Plymovent sales representative.

In May 2024, our head office in Alkmaar was named: 'Best Company in the province of North Holland'.

These are the Plymovent commitments to our customers:

  1. Clean air at work is a universal need of employees all over the world and our products do exactly that: make workplaces healthier
  2. Being at the forefront of the fume extraction industry and understanding customer needs enables us to develop industry leading innovative solutions
  3. We contribute to better lives by investing in development and manufacturing of sustainable products; growing our people & our company one day at a time

By 2025 we will be a Net Zero company!

Check out our ‘sustainability’ page and you will see amongst others our Alkmaar headquarters are 100% off the grid.

Our corporate values

Our core values ​​help us make our choices, set our goals, and it inspires the employees in our organization. The following core values ​​define what is important to us at Plymovent:

  • Customer first
  • Passion to perform together
  • Don’t hold back and make it happen


For almost 50 years we have been providing clean air at work worldwide.

Our story started in 1975 when John Plymoth and Dirk den Dekker started their own companies independently of one another – Plymouth in Sweden and Euromate in the Netherlands. The Swedish entrepreneur John Plymoth focused on engineered welding fume solutions for large clients, while the Dutch company, led by Dirk den Dekker, focused on plug-and-play products sold through dealers and partners. Two startups with two different strategies and one common goal: clean air for employees worldwide.

In 1989, Plymouth acquired CelciusVent, a leading manufacturer and distributor of ventilation systems for the capturing of vehicle exhaust fumes. The two company names were combined and the brand as we know it today was born: Plymovent.

Ten years later, Euromate acquired a distributor and became the Clean Air Group, which then acquired Plymovent in 2006. In 2014, the current shareholders acquired all Plymovent shares with the aim of continuing to build a great company with one main goal – clean air at work.

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