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Vehicle exhaust extraction


Take a step towards a cleaner, healthier workplace.

We can help to remove the exhaust fumes from your garage.

With vehicle exhaust extraction systems in your facility, you ensure a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace. Protecting your colleagues, reducing sick leave and decreasing downtime of machinery, are just some of the benefits created as a result of installing a Plymovent vehicle exhaust extraction system.

Are you ready to experience benefits? Take a look at the wide range of exhaust extraction systems and/or contact a Plymovent expert. We are ready to provide the solutions for your specific needs.

Putting your health first has been our most important goal since 1975.

Advantages of Plymovent

  • Healthier working environment
  • Legislation compliance
  • Cleaner garage
  • Safer workshop
  • Cost-efficient

Choose your type of vehicle exhaust extraction product

Eliminate hazardous exhaust fumes from your facility with our vehicle exhaust capture and removal systems.

Get your advice from a Plymovent Expert

Since 1975, we have solved more than 50,000 business issues. Our experts are happy to help you with your specific challenge(s) and guide you step by step to the best solution; reliable and high-quality vehicle exhaust extraction for your company. Would you like to get in touch with one of our experts?

We are ready for you!

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  • Experts with years of experience
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • A personal approach

Small-sized garage

If you have a small garage we can provide plug and play units or single exhaust removal hose drops.

Medium-sized garage

For garages of medium size we can install a hose reel with fan to prevent a car running over the extraction hose. However this is just one of the solutions.

Large-sized garage

We have provided clean air for many large garages like maintenance depots with our engineered solutions.

Vehicle exhaust removal

Vehicle emissions: what is in it, what are the health effects and how can you protect against indoor air pollution.

10 Feb 2023 Health risks

Vehicle emissions can include a variety of harmful substances, which can contribute to air pollution and have negative impacts on public health and the environment.

Vehicle exhaust removal

Launch Internal Grabber

20 Jun 2022 Product development

Plymovent has innovated and launched the ‘NEW’ Internal Grabber®. The Internal Grabber® is a universal, patented, vehicle exhaust extraction nozzle.

The right solution(s) for your industry

We offer vehicle exhaust extractors that provide effective exhaust fume and smoke removal in a range of industries.

Service & maintenance

Our systems are designed to live a very long time, but there might be a case where a spare part is needed.


Please see these pages to maintain your system.

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