Vertical stack rail system | Exhaust extraction

Automatically aligns with the vehicle tailpipe

Vertical stack rail system | Exhaust extraction
Vertical stack rail system | Exhaust extraction
Vertical stack rail system | Exhaust extraction

The Vertical Stack Rail System (VSR) is the solution for vehicles that have a vertical exhaust pipe and need to move in or through an apparatus bay.

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The VSR system is designed for vehicles with an overhead exhaust stack. With no operational intervention needed, the “V” shaped catcher guides the vehicle tail pipe into the rail profile.

The VSR is a free-floating system that allows for side-to-side movement and automatically aligns itself with the vehicle tail pipe.

It is a fully automatic system, including fan activation and system disconnect from the exiting vehicle. The VSR system is fully code-compliant and easy to use.

The VSR is the right choice if you are looking for a vertical exhaust pipe, exhaust removal system that is easy to use and ensure effective and efficient diesel exhaust gas removal.

  • A fully automatic system
  • Fits any vehicle stack
  • Expandable to almost any length
  • Suitable for existing fire stations and new design-built stations
Recommended for
  • Vehicles with vertical tailpipes

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