ControlPro Connect | Web portal for monitoring filters

Maximize uptime and operational efficiency

ControlPro Connect | Web portal for monitoring filters
ControlPro Connect | Web portal for monitoring filters
ControlPro Connect | Web portal for monitoring filters
ControlPro Connect | Web portal for monitoring filters

ControlPro Connect is an advanced web portal of Plymovent that gives you the power to monitor, manage and control multiple filters in your facility at a glance.

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The dashboard of the ControlPro Connect provides an overview at a glance of the main functions and status of your filters. Via the user interface you can easily upload a map of your factory and insert your filter installations. The system then shows all relevant information of the filters and fans e.g. showing filter pressure, energy consumption, dustbin level, alerts and warnings.

You can optimize your filter parameter settings online for individual filters or for all filters at once. Alerts are delivered directly via email. And, if you want, the Plymovent ControlPro Connect has the option to give access to online support and intervention by trained dedicated Plymovent service representatives.


Update parameter settings

You can easily update working hours of the filter to suit different shift patterns of your welders. Or activate an additional filter cleaning cycle. Un-scheduling filter activity during national holidays can save you energy and costs.


Preventive maintenance

The ControlPro Connect shows the status for all your filters in real-time. The filter statistics show e.g. if a filter needs to be replaced soon, enabling you to plan the maintenance and prevent unscheduled downtime.



ControlPro Connect gives real-time warnings and alerts for the filters. You will receive an e-mail push message when this appears with a description of the recommended action.


Data and insights

Historical data of your filter performance is stored for easy analysis. Reports about the efficiency performance of your installation are available in graphic or tabulated form.

With the stored data you will get accurate insights in trend lines and deviations. Data driven decisions can be made to optimize your filter operation. By monitoring the easily accessible data from your installation, planned maintenance can be organized better to keep down the costs and maximize uptime. In combination with a service and support agreement you can benefit from your high performance Plymovent filter installation(s) at all times.

With the Plymovent ControlPro Connect expectations will be exceeded. Not only today but also in the future!


ControlPro vs ControlPro Connect

ControlPro is an intelligent platform that controls a filter system MDB PRO or SCS PRO and the connected extraction fan. When you have multiple MDB PRO or SCS PRO filter systems in your facility, it can be worthwhile to get ControlPro Connect access as well. ControlPro Connect can tie all these separate filter systems together in one online portal. From a PC, tablet or smartphone your installation can be monitored in real-time giving you the ability to see if your filter is running smoothly and if any remedial actions are needed.


Online support subscriptions

A Plymovent ControlPro Connect in combination with a service and support agreement lets you benefit from your high performance filter installations at all times. Via ControlPro Connect you have the option to give access to dedicated and trained Plymovent service representatives for online support and intervention.


  • Real-time status for all your filters
  • Detailed analysis of your equipment performance
  • Detect trends and deviations
  • Allows for preventive maintenance planning
  • Supports efficient service and maintenance operations
Recommended for
  • Facilities with multiple filter systems

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