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Extraction equipment meets strict demands


STV Las- en Snijtechniek BV, based in Amsterdam (NL) was founded in 1985 as a commercial enterprise specialised in welding and cutting technology. STV manages a large program of welding equipment, consumables, accessories and extraction equipment. Besides that, they also supply industrial gases required for welding and cutting processes. With an elaborate webshop they hook into the dynamic market of today.

The challenge

STV is a family company with eight enthusiastic staff members. The company is regionally known for its direct delivery, fast service and the user-friendly webshop, supplying the whole of the Netherlands with equipment and accessories in the field of welding, cutting and grinding.

Before STV decides to add products to its assortment, they are tested extensively in the demo room, the ‘Experience Centre’, designed specifically for this purpose. The personnel frequently spends hours welding or grinding. Customers may also use this ‘Experience Centre’ to test their future investment personally.

High-quality protection equipment against inhaling welding fumes is hereby obvious. Besides that, no welding fumes may enter from the demo room into the adjoining store.

The solution

STV tests and sells the extraction equipment of Plymovent on and for all common welding processes. The products sold by STV must meet their highest demands. That’s why the ‘Experience Centre’ is equipped with the following extraction equipment of Plymovent:

  • Stationary filter SFD with an extraction arm type UltraFlex-4/LC, which is designed specifically for work spaces with a low ceiling. Extraction occurs through a ventilator FAN-28.
  • DraftMax Advance; this downdraft table is highly suitable for welding and grinding of small to medium work pieces.

STV offers the following products of Plymovent online in their webshop: extraction arms, mobile fume extractors, stationary filter units, downdraft tables, extraction hoods and fans.

The compact portable units type PHV are frequently used for activities underground, for the North/South line* under construction in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This high-vacuum extractor is highly suitable for places that are difficult to reach.

* New 9.7 km long metro line

Main benefits

  • In the test room customers can see for themselves that the welding fumes extraction products of Plymovent work very effectively.
  • Welding fumes disappear and leave no traces of smoke.
  • Because the test room is frequently used by its own personnel, they share the enthusiasm for Plymovent’s extraction equipment.
  • Thanks to their professional devotion, STV can now be proud of a good name in the market. The Plymovent products fit well to this.
  • The extraction equipment always meets the most recent standards. Just like Plymovent, STV also stands for innovation in the production process.


“Especially the downdraft table proves to be of great service in our demonstration room. This table really does extract everything and also offers a large and comfortable work surface.” 

“The DraftMax of Plymovent is by far the best I’ve ever seen! In the adjoining store it’s hard to believe welding activities are going on in the demo room. In short: we are very satisfied with the extraction equipment of Plymovent.” 

Quote by: Bart Stuurman, STV Las- en Snijtechniek BV

Product list


Stationary filters






Extraction arms




"Our downdraft table, the DraftMax Advance of Plymovent, is by far the best I’ve ever seen."

Bart Stuurman
STV Las- en Snijtechniek BV

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