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Magnetic grabber ensures effective exhaust removal


At station #3 of the Fire & Rescue Department of Marshfield, the emergency vehicles are parked in tandem - 8 bays in total - all connected to a SBT-Pneumatic system of Plymovent. Since 2004, the station uses equipment of Plymovent to full satisfaction.

The challenge

The Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department has been using a number of SBT-Pneumatic systems of Plymovent since 2004. The SBT-Pneumatic systems have been removing vehicle exhaust gasses from the emergency vehicles - such as fire trucks and ambulances - inside the service station.

The Magnetic Grabber® was installed to an existing SBT Pneumatic system in order to avoid unnecessary additional costs. The Magnetic Grabber® functioned as a field test for Plymovent, until the final product was launched.

Air Cleaning Specialists of Massachusetts, an authorised distributor of Plymovent North America, installed the new equipment of Plymovent in 2009.

The solution

In order to provide clean air at Marshfield’s workplace, Plymovent utilised the SBT system (sliding balancer track). The SBT system has been developed for vehicles that back-in to a service bay and leave by the same door. Marshfield was looking for an exhaust removal system that was able to connect at the door before backing-in and having it automatically disconnect when leaving the service station. Therefore, the SBT system was the right application for Marshfield.

The entire SBT system removes the poisonous petrol and diesel gas fumes directly from the emission source, the tailpipe.

The Magnetic Grabber® makes life easy. It automatically “clicks and seals” to the tailpipe if you hold it near. It has been designed in such a way that it withstands the intense demand from the emergency service market.

As the SBT-Magnetic system is easier in usage then the SBT-Pneumatic, Marshfield is very satisfied with the fact that they were appointed for the Magnetic Grabber® field test. They are still using the Magnetic Grabber® to full satisfaction.

Plymovent is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Main benefits

  • Magnetic Grabber® connects to any vehicle with the tailpipe connector.
  • It automatically disconnects when vehicles exit the station.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Virtually 100% source capture.
  • Ambient air intake for exhaust temperature reduction.
  • Requires no air or electrical wiring.
  • Complies with NFPA 1500 & 1901.
  • Complies with the Buy American Act.


”We are very happy with the Magnetic Grabber® application of Plymovent. The Grabber® is easy to operate/attach to a tailpipe and maintenance is limited. There are just a few parts that need maintenance”. 

”Using an exhaust removal system of Plymovent has improved the air quality. Indoor air quality is the driving force for both Labour and Management to obtain funds for this system and implementing the installation in two of our three stations”.

Quote by: Mr. K.C. Robinson, Fire Chief at The Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department

Product List

8 bays with 2 emergency vehicles each

The Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department

"It has improved the air quality which is the driving force."

Mr. K.C. Robinson
Fire Chief at The Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department

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