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Plymovent sponsors The Welding Academy


Plymovent has been sponsoring The Welding Academy in Peterlee (United Kingdom) since the opening in 2012. The Welding Academy is owned and operated by Infinite Learning and Development (ILD) and has been established in partnership with the New College Durham and Caterpillar Articulated Trucks (CAT). Plymovent Ltd was keen on sponsoring this new venture. For all involved parties it is important to keep young people interested in the profession of welding.

The challenge

The Welding Academy has been built to attract and educate local people as the area struggles with the regional shortage of skilled welders. The Welding Academy emphasis mainly on MIG welding, however TIG welding facilities are also available.

The Welding Academy at Peterlee (United Kingdom) has a 10,000 sq. ft. workshop. In this workshop twenty students can use the MIG, TIG and MMA welding equipment.

Natural ventilation was the only way that welding fumes were extracted from the former academy. It was clear that the new academy needed to have a high-quality welding fume extraction system. Preferable for each of the seven welding workplaces to meet the educational air quality regulations and to create a safe and healthy working environment for the students.

The solution

In The Welding Academy it is very common that twenty welders work at the same time during class. These activities generate a vast amount of welding fumes. To offer a proper workplace The Welding Academy was looking for a welding fume extraction system that offers a safe, healthy and clean working environment for its students. As The Welding Academy has individual workstations throughout its workshop the extraction system needed to be flexible.

Capturing, extracting and removing welding fumes at the source is always the most effective way. Therefore, Plymovent supplied extraction arms. In this case MiniMan-100 extraction arms were selected and installed near the workbenches. The MiniMan-100 is recommended for spot welding, grinding and polishing. It offers maximum extraction capacity –as all the mechanisms are placed on the outer side of the arm– thanks to its uninterrupted airflow.

After the installation the air quality was measured. The results were (and still are) twice as good as Health and Safety Regulations require.

Main benefits

  • A safe and healthy working environment.
  • Meet legal and educational regulations.
  • Ease of use by students.
  • No welding fumes in the workshop, clear view.
  • Fits into Caterpillar’s criteria: when students work at Caterpillar (as part of their course) they know how to use the extraction equipment of Plymovent.


“We are very pleased with the effective extraction arms provided by Plymovent. There have been no welding fumes, not even with twenty learners welding on the Shopfloor at the same time. The equipment is quiet and unobtrusive through our lessons which is also a big advantage. The arms offer a high-quality and professional appearance which helps our image as a modern sophisticated establishment.” 

“It is important to help educate highly skilled young welders to meet the current manpower needs in the metal fabrication industry.” 

Quote by: Keith Corbett, Director of The Welding Academy

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Extraction arms



Extraction arms



The Welding Academy

"The air quality is now twice as good as regulations require."

Keith Corbett
Director at The Welding Academy

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MiniMan-100 extraction arm
MiniMan-100 extraction arm
Students at The Welding Academy
Students at The Welding Academy
Welding booths with MiniMan-100 extraction arms
Welding booths with MiniMan-100 extraction arms
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