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Welding and cutting fume removalOil mist removalVehicle exhaust removalVehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations

Plymovent expands headquarters

23 Nov 2020 General

Extracting and filtering polluted air has been the expertise of Plymovent for over 45 years. As a result of the growing demand for solutions for clean air at work Plymovent expanded its headquarters in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.


Sustainability at Plymovent

9 Nov 2020 Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the key pillars of the Plymovent vision, mission and strategy. In the past years, we have taken several initiatives to comply with this principle.

Welding and cutting fume removal

Plymovent complies with NEW ISO 21904 standards

2 Oct 2020 Product development

Plymovent is fully prepared to accommodate the key features of this new ISO 21904 standard.

Vehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations

Exhaust Removal Cleaning Tips

3 Apr 2020 Product development

Plymovent provides exhaust removal cleaning tips for continued safety of First Responders


Plymovent and COVID-19

30 Mar 2020 Health risks

Plymovent is monitoring the situation regarding the COVID-19 virus closely and we continue our work ensuring we meet the needs of our customers, as well as provide for the health and safety of our employees, customers and local communities alike.

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Welding and cutting fume removalVehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations

The Environmental Protection Agency

22 Oct 2019 Health risks

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an independent agency in the United States entrusted with the mission of protecting human health and the environment. They dedicate themselves to topics as diverse as air, water and land, chemicals and toxics, waste and cleanup.

Welding and cutting fume removal

Hexavalent chromium (Chromium 6) also found in welding fumes

4 Jun 2019 Health risks

What is hexavalent chromium & how to act for best protection.
A recent case (early February 2019) of financial compensation for 800 workers who have been exposed to the hazardous hexavalent chromium in the workshop of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NedTrain-department) in Tilburg, the Netherlands, has again put the spotlight on the danger of this substance.

Welding and cutting fume removal

Using flexible extraction arms

6 May 2019 Working safely

At-source extraction protects workers in the metal industry and prevents the accumulation of welding fumes, oil mist or grinding dust in the workspace. The use of flexible extraction arms is a good method of removing dangerous fumes and dust when working on small or medium sized objects. These arms can be positioned close to the work area to capture toxic fumes, dust particles and remains of molten metal at the source. Capturing fumes and dust at the source also prevents pollution from spreading over the premises, keeping not only machines and tools but also products and offices cleaner.

Welding and cutting fume removal

Why airflow monitoring is important

23 Apr 2019 Working safely

In previous blogs we have written about protection methods for welders, like extraction arms or hoods for local exhaust ventilation and welding helmets with PAPR units. When you provide your workers with protection equipment, you may think that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure their safety. But how can you be certain that the equipment is working as it should and your workers are not exposed to dangerous levels of carcinogenic fumes?

Welding and cutting fume removal

New evidence: welding fumes can cause lung cancer

22 Feb 2019 Health risks

When metals are heated above their melting point, they vaporize and condense into welding fumes. Most people know that these welding fumes are unhealthy and dangerous. Although not everybody in the metal industry – and in other lines of work where welding is done – is fully aware of the dangers, most of them are familiar with local exhaust ventilation and personal protection equipment to minimize the health risks that are involved with welding.

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