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Welding fume removal with extraction arm

Nuisances while performing welding jobs?

Welding and cutting fume removal 11 Feb 2022 Health risks

How Plymovent’s extraction and ventilation systems make the difference.

High-quality welding can be a satisfying but also very challenging and physically demanding job. It requires craftsmanship and concentration and also calls for a safe working environment. Because welding processes often generate sparks, glares and fumes, a safe and nuisance-free workplace is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, many welders still experience nuisances on the work floor while carrying out their physically demanding jobs. In particular, the absence of proper, high-quality extraction and ventilation systems is a common problem. This article will take a look at some of the major nuisances that welders experience. But even more important: we will also look into the solutions and explain why Plymovent’s extraction and ventilation systems are designed to change things for the better.

We understand you - and the solutions you need

Plymovent understands the nuisances that professional welders face. So let’s take a look at a couple of practical examples that we picked up in the field.

  • Due to the size of the work pieces, welders were unable to move the extraction arms when changing welding positions. As a result, welding fumes escaped instead of being properly extracted and cleaned. This resulted in a polluted working environment.
  • The nature of the work and constructions in a certain factory—often meters long or high and with many bends—hindered welders in their work. This led to a sharp decrease in efficiency. It quickly became clear that general filtration was the best possible option for these workers.
  • Due to the large size of the parts and the frequent position changes, source extraction by means of extraction arms was not an ideal choice. Therefore, we selected a general filtration, like a MDB-Diluter, SCS-Diluter or Push-Pull system.
  • Another problem that we often encounter in the field is the huge discrepancy between products (solutions) that are made for either incidental or intensive usage. Some solutions are ideal for incidental usage, while others are absolutely not since they require frequent and proactive involvement on the part of the welder.
  • When fume extraction system is not working at its best, polluted indoor air can have negative health effects. This can be due to several reasons, such as bad or late maintenance, replacing a filter too late, and/or using the wrong filter.
  • Many welders see noise nuisance from extraction equipment as a very negative aspect of their work.
No extraction
No extraction
Adequate source extraction

The importance of the right solution(s)

Healthy and safe working conditions are essential for the reputation and productivity of any organisation. Employers must limit health risks and should always take protective measures to comply with safety regulations and legislation.

Purchasing reliable equipment, and using the correct (original) replacement filter, is a good first step towards realizing a healthy and safe working environment. However, it is also important that employees accept possible changes in work routines that come with increased safety awareness. If the equipment is used incorrectly, or the wrong equipment is recommended by the supplier, the desired result will not be achieved. In order to make the right decision for an extraction system, it is critical that workability, user-friendliness and the right welding conditions are taken into account during the purchasing process of equipment and replacement filters.

Welding activities and working conditions can vary greatly per industry or company. That is why Plymovent offers an efficient and workable solution that meets the highest legal (safety) standards for every situation.


Now that we have assessed the importance of finding and implementing the right solutions, let’s take a look at a couple of Plymovent products that can eliminate common welding nuisances.

Push-Pull system

Push-Pull systems can make a significant contribution to your facility, providing your welders with a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment. Advantages of Plymovent’s Push-Pull systems are:

  • A low noise level
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduction of fine dust
  • Ideally suited to factories
  • Energy-saving design

Since it is a modular system, if you opt for Plymovent’s Push-Pull system, you won’t have to rearrange your workplace. Installing an effective Push-Pull system that meets your needs requires a thorough investigation of the workshop layout.

Diluter system

The Plymovent Diluter system (MDB or SCS) is a general filtration system that can control welding fumes in large facilities. The system doesn’t hinder welders when they carry out their daily tasks and is the ideal option when source extraction and hoods aren’t viable options. The solution is also ideally suited to large workshops with various welding processes, varying activities, crane transport, and for places where it is difficult to install piping (ducts).

The Diluter system recirculates the cleaned air through the workshop and ensures that little heat is lost. Air flows can be controlled individually by means of specialized nozzles.


The PersonalPro is a sturdy, versatile and comfortable welding and grinding helmet. The helmet is connected to a PAPR-unit (which refreshes the air on a regular basis) and is specially designed to provide all-day comfort. Plymovent also has a cutting and grinding helmet.


The FlexMax is an extension crane that is connected to an EconomyArm or KUA extraction arm. Combined with an extraction arm, it has a radius of about nine meters.

The FlexMax is the perfect extension to your extraction arm and allows you to cover large working areas that have a low ceiling.


The portable welding fume extractor PHV extracts welding fumes and grinding dust near the source. The PHV can be used everywhere, even in locations that are wholly or partly inaccessible to ordinary extraction arms or mobile units.

The unit can be mounted on the wall or used as a mobile unit on wheels. The PHV is also fairly silent and equipped with an intricate start/stop system that allows you to save money on energy.

More information

Eliminating welding nuisances is all about finding the right combination between the ideal working conditions and the proper equipment. Plymovent knows this. Therefore, all of our products are designed with this knowledge in mind. Would you like to know more about our products? Then feel free to contact us:

Call us at +31 (0)72 7504 600 or fill out the contact form.

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