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Welding fume extractors

Our wide range of welding fume extractors is ready for your specific welding fume extraction needs. Will you choose source extraction or extraction hoods? General filtration systems or Diluter systems? All welding fume extraction systems from Plymovent ensure a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace for you and your colleagues.

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Control equipment

Control equipment

Our control equipment automatically controls your extraction and filtration system.

  • Energy savings
  • Automatic operation
  • Tailor-made

TEV 50Hz

The TEV series ventilation fans are designed for use as central fans in larger systems with multiple extraction points. 0.75-7.5 kW (1.0-10.0 hp)

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Easy mount housing
Multiple arm systems

Multiple arm system

Engineered multiple arm system solutions completed with our wide range of fans, control equipment and filters.

  • Optimal personal health and safety by capturing airborne particles before they can spread in the local environment
  • Operating efficiency by minimizing air processed in ventilation and filtration
  • Investment efficiency by minimizing the dimensions of ventilation and air handling equipment

TEV 60Hz

The TEV 60 Hz series ventilation fans are designed for use as central fans in larger systems with multiple extraction points. 1.5-11,0 kW (2,0-15.0 hp)

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Easy mount housing
Downdraft table

DraftMax for light applications

The DraftMax for light applications is a work bench fitted with a disposable filter. Recommended for light activities like grinding, cutting and TIG-welding. For small workshops or welding schools.

  • Integrated filter
  • Disposable filter depending on your choice
  • Maintenance-friendly
Downdraft table

DraftMax for heavy-duty applications

The DraftMax for heavy-duty applications is a downdraft table fitted with a disposable- or self-cleaning filter. This unit is recommended for daily, intensive usage for professionals

  • Integrated filter
  • Self-cleaning- or disposable filter depending on your choice
  • Maintenance-friendly
Extraction arms

T-Flex with counterweight

The T-Flex with counterweight is a wall-mounted telescopic extraction arm with a rotable hood. Perfect for horizontal welding positions.

  • Telescopic arm
  • For workbenches and small working areas
  • Maximum reach of 2.5 m
Extraction arms

NEC extension crane

The NEC extension crane is a wall-mounted extension crane. It is used to extend the reach of an extraction arm to cover very large and/or multiple work areas.

  • Extension crane for Flex and UltraFlex extraction arms
  • Extend the reach of your extraction arm with 2 or 4 m to a maximum of 8 m
  • HandyStop system to lock the horizontal movement quickly in different five positions
Extraction arms

UK extractor crane

The UK is a crane and arm combination used to extract welding fumes, dust and smoke in the heavy industry. A perfect solution for a fixed welding spot.

  • Covers large working areas
  • Telescopic space section provides flexibility
  • 3, 4.5, 6 or 8 m in length with a maximum reach of 8 m.
Extraction arms


The Traversing-KUA is an extraction arm mounted on a rail for good flexibility. It is used to extract fume, gases and oil mist contaminants. Ideal for broad working areas in need of a wide reach.

  • Extractor for larger working areas
  • Provides 360-degree swivel for entire length
  • Movable trolley and arm allows unlimited reach

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