Department of Transportation

Capture vehicle exhaust gases at source from buses, coaches, light- and heavy-duty trucks.

The main responsibilities of the Department of Public Works in many cities is to provide maintenance services to Township roads and infrastructure, including storm sewers, roadway striping, and street sign installation. Other responsibilities include garbage collection, recycling, detention basin maintenance, roadside mowing, street sweeping, snow and ice control, and the annual collection of bulk, brush and leaves. The Streets and Roads Division often provides road repairs and pavement maintenance to maximize travel safety. Township right-of-ways are also maintained by this Division through grass cutting, street sign repairs and street sweeping.

The repairs of Township vehicles and equipment is the responsibility of the Fleet Facilities Division. This division performs routine maintenance, as well as emergency road service repairs and inspections on Township vehicles and equipment.

Why is Vehicle Exhaust Extraction so important?

A street sweeping vehicle connected to a Plymovent exhaust extraction system.Diesel and gasoline engines produce a mixture of toxic gases and particulates from the combustion process. These hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions in a garage or storage facility represent the most significant cancer health risk and a serious legal liability to the owners and operators of these buildings. Additionally, exposure to Carbon Monoxide (CO) a.k.a. “the silent killer” created by both diesel and gasoline powered engines can cause serious to fatal effects to the body. It is essential to create healthy and safe working conditions by reducing these risks in Department of Transportation and Public Works facilities.

Protective measures are an important aspect of this effort. High-quality exhaust removal systems are recommended for existing and new facilities, to make sure that legal exposure limits are not exceeded.

Providing Clean Air at Work Since 1975

Plymovent is a global leader in providing systems that capture, extract and remove gas and diesel exhaust emissions, creating a cleaner and healthier work environment. Plymovent offers several exhaust extraction solutions to keep your personnel safe. We can help you to design the perfect system for your location, based on, but not limited to the following answers to these questions:

  • What type and size vehicles will be serviced and the engine operating conditions?
  • Are there multiple-sized vehicles being serviced within the facility?
  • How big are the work areas and how many mechanics are there vs. the number of service bays?
  • What are the dimensions of the building structure?
  • How many mechanics work in a designated area?
  • How many of these vehicles could be running at the same time?

For a complete overview download our vehicle exhaust extraction design guide.


A plug-and-play mobile unit that can be connected directly to the vehicle or apparatus exhaust pipe. The fan of the FumeCaddie will remove the fumes from the source and extract them from the building. This vehicle exhaust extraction option is easy to use, store and operate in any size workshop and does not need an adapter to do its job.

Fixed ExtractorsThis bus maintenance facility is fitted with a Plymovent exhaust extraction system.

The FE hose drop is the right choice if you need exhaust extraction but have limited space. With the extraction hose connected direct either to the ductwork or a fan (in the case of the FEF), you have an easy but efficient system in use.

The hose is very lightweight and easy to handle. The balancer supports you in this operation and keeps the hose in position when locked. When you are ready, the hose is easy to store on the wall hose storage-holder.

Hose reels

Vehicles of the public mass transit and county Department of Transportation fleet are now maintained in the Equipment Maintenance Operations Center (EMOC), where Plymovent exhaust extraction systems are installed.Depending on the your specific needs, Plymovent offers a variety of hose reels. Including the Spring-Operated hose reel (SER) and the Motorized Hose Reel (MHR). Both hose reels can be used for general vehicle application workshops. However, the Spring-Operated hose reel retracts the hose with the assistance of a spring, whereas the Motorized Hose Reel does so with the assistance of an electronic motor. Furthermore, the motorized spring-assisted hose reel (MSHR) and the heavy-duty Motorized Hose Reel (MER) are designed to retract heavier hoses that withstand higher temperatures. We recommend these hose reels for use in medium to heavy duty vehicle workshops. Many of our hose reels may be mounted on a boom or
rail to increase reach.


We provide a wide range of exhaust hoses with a variety of diameters and temperature ratings. Plymovent offers several hoses that are suitable for any public works vehicle. Depending on your application, you can choose between a diverse list of hoses for your garage including flexible hoses that are resistant to chemicals or hoses that have additional protection such as flame-retardant walls. Our experts will help you specify the proper exhaust hose for your garage.

Nozzles for any type of vehicle

Plymovent offers a wide range of nozzles that are designed for both stationary and moving vehicles. We offer nozzles that can be positioned either horizontally or vertically on all commonly used exhaust pipes and are extremely user-friendly. There is a nozzle available for any temperature application.

Discover what over 45 years of experience can mean to you

These types of vehicles keep our cities moving every day, therefore the maintenance of them and the well-being of its employees are critical.

As you examine a facility to determine the most effective way to capture and extract dangerous exhaust, you can rely on Plymovent experts to share their experience gained from installing thousands of systems in a wide range of facilities. Plymovent and our distribution network have the experience and knowledge to help you work through these questions and offer a solution for any application. We invite you to contact Plymovent and our authorized
 with any questions you have.