Diluter-PRO and Diluter-GO

New: the Diluter-PRO and the Diluter-GO

12 December 2017 The new user friendly filter control systems of Plymovent, the ControlPro and ControlGo, are now integrated in the Diluter, the stand-alone general filtration system.

At this moment Plymovent has two types of Diluter systems; the Diluter-PRO and the Diluter-GO.


The Diluter-PRO is fitted with the ControlPro. This version has a control with an intuitive touchscreen interface that shows at a glance how the system is performing, what the system is doing now, will do next and how to keep it in shape. An extensive and very accessible menu allows full adaptability in an easy way. ControlPro uses ethernet communication for a wide variety of connectivity options. ControlPro is the control that meets the full needs of the professional user: Simple, Insight, Connected.


The Diluter-GO has the integrated control unit ControlGo. The ControlGo is built on the same platform as the ControlPro, offering the same performance, but with preset configurations for the user with basic needs. The Diluter-GO uses push buttons and indicator lights for simple interaction and meets the basic needs of any user.


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