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The risk of fire under control with shield fire safety solutions


Broki Metallwaren is situated in Menden, Germany. 150 people work at the offices and factory. Broki has been manufacturing metal products and components for 40 years.

Broki can handle any metal idea in-house to meet every individual customer need with their state-of-the-art machineries. From laser cutting, grinding, punching, forming, tube punching, tube laser cutting, bending, powder coating to machining. Including the finishing touch: assembly, packaging and logistics.

The challenge

Since 40 years Broki Metallwaren GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing metal components and products, like retail store displays, store racks and shelves. Broki is the leading supplier for individual shop fitting projects in Germany.

Broki has two welding areas where people work in two shifts from 06.00 to 22.00 o`clock. Both welding areas have been equipped with an extraction and filtration system from Plymovent for many years. 14 extraction arms are connected to one central fan and filtration system, a MultiDust® Bank. Although the processes are dry welding activities, the filter cartridges have caught fire three times in the last 40 years. The main problem of these filter fires are sparks and spatter reaching the filter cartridges. Broki needed a solution to deal with that specific risk of fire. On top of that, the insurance company stopped the replacement cost coverage.

The solution

SparkShield spark arrester
SparkShield spark arrester

Broki has been working with Plymovent for many years. After the filter fires it was clear that Broki needed a solution that would reduce this risk of fire.

SHIELD fire safety solutions have been developed –especially– to reduce any risk of fire in the metalworking industry to a minimum. And in the event of a fire, ensure that any consequential damage will be minor. The SHIELD program contains several components to prevent fire, detect fire and suppress fire in welding fume extraction and filtration systems.

To reduce the risk of fire at Broki three SparkShield units were installed to prevent sparks and spatter from entering the ductwork and reaching the filter cartridges and debris in the dustbin to detect a fire, Plymovent installed heat, spark and smoke detectors. As soon as a signal is detected, ShieldControl activates the suppression products. The sliding valves cut off the airflow immediately and the FlameShield units (fire extinguishers) extinguish the fire inside the filtration units.

To save valuable floor space, the central fan and filter unit were installed outside. A system control panel makes sure that the system does not waste extra power, making it an energy saving system solution. To keep the system up and running to full satisfaction a Plymovent service/maintenance agreement has been arranged.

Main benefits

  • The MultiSmart® extraction arms make sure that welding fumes and dust are extracted effectively. Ensuring a clean, safe and healthy working environment.
  • The spark arresters ensure that sparks and spatter are intercepted and removed effectively.
  • SHIELD fire safety solutions make sure that the risk of fire is under control.
  • Placing the central fan and filtration unit outside the building saves valuable floor space.
  • ShieldControl makes sure that –in the event of a fire– consequential damage is minor.


“The extraction arms of Plymovent have been working perfectly over the years. We have clean workshops for our employees.” 

“The only problem that we were still dealing with, was that the filtration units caught fire once in a while. The SHIELD fire safety solutions were recommended by Plymovent and were installed to control that specific risk of fire.”

Quote by: Michael Fabian, Technical Purchasing Manager at Broki Metallwaren

Product list


SHIELD fire safety solutions

Spark arrester


Extraction arms

MultiSmart Arm


Stationary filters



 Broki Metallwaren

"Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat het SHIELD-programma de ultieme oplossing voor onze brandproblemen is."

Michael Fabian
Technical Purchasing Manager van Broki Metallwaren

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MultiSmart extraction arm
	MultiSmart extraction arm
MultiSmart extraction arm
	MultiDust® Bank filtration unit
MultiDust® Bank filtration unit
Mimault Tôlerie

Extraction arms contribute to the ISO 14001 & 26000 policy

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building
RNO Kesselfabrik

Air quality in the welding shop

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Clean air in the welding shop

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Safety of the welder ranks first

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Ventilation/filtration system main heat source

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AKS Precision Ball Europe Ltd.

MistEliminator units create a clean environment

Oil mist removalMachine-building

Welders appreciate and value effectiveness of push-pull system

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G.C. Entreprise, Køge ApS

Multiple arms improve work environment

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building
ABB Estonia

Push-Pull system removes welding fumes effectively

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Hessels is also going for the experience and expertise of Plymovent!

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Push-pull systems for protection of employees

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Operator, once again, happy to work on machine

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Significant reduction of fume concentration

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

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